Newsdesk 2001

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> Web site: http://www.surreyweb.net/rharriers
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> First of all another reminder about this Saturday's final mob match of the
> season against Blackheath Harriers on their course at Hayes  in Kent. It's
> 7.5 miles, starting at 2.30pm.  Please be there if you can! The Blackheath
> HQ is in Bourne Way, close to the junction of the A2022 and A232 and near
> Hayes station.
> The start is a 10 min jog away, off the A2022. 
> And while we're on the subject of fixtures, John Hanscomb confirms that
> the race against the Bank of England on February 17th has been cancelled.
> At the time of writing our two home fixtures scheduled for the Park in
> early March - the Hec Petersen trophy on the 3rd and the Clutton Cup on
> the 10th - are safe but the situation will be reviewed nearer the time.
> We will have a few runners sporting Surrey vests in the Inter-Counties
> Championships at Nottingham on Saturday. Allison O'Neill and ZoŽ Vail are
> in the senior and under 20 races respectively and I believe Alice Beverly
> might be in the under 17 team. I'm not sure about any others but we wish
> all of them the best of fortune. By the way, for those of you with access
> to satellite or cable television, Sky Sports is covering the event! 
> Last Saturday saw the final men's Surrey League Division One event on a
> sunny but sticky Farthing Down at Coulsdon. The race was a bit of a
> formality. New Southern champions Thames Hare and Hounds were already well
> clear and only had to turn up to secure the title. In the event they
> scored a narrow win on the day over Herne Hill, who moved into the overall
> runner-up spot. The Ranelagh team came into the race safely ensconced in
> 6th place, finished 6th on the day and remained 6th overall. 
> Individually David Benton's 15th place stood out. This was his first
> cross-country race of an injury-hit season since last October. Julian
> finished 33rd despite protestations that he was "jogging". Marcus, Andy,
> Mick and Chris followed on in short order, then PG, the President, Dave
> Knight and - 10th scorer again - Steve Barber. I'm beginning to suspect
> that Steve slows down if he finds himself higher up the order, just to
> secure his anchor spot! Backing up were Milos and - in his League debut -
> Jonny Rowan.   
> Steve won the junior individual title for the second year in succession,
> and it was a pity that Bastien Tardy missed the Under 17 race or he too
> would taken an individual championship. 
> 1 D Taylor (Herne Hill) 28.09
> 15 David Benton 30.33
> 33 Julian Smith 31.44
> 40 Marcus Gohar 32.18
> 45 Andy Bickerstaff 32.35
> 62 Mick Lane 33.31
> 63 Chris Owens 33.34
> 77 Paul Graham 34.40
> 83 Mike Peace 35.16
> 87 Dave Knight 35.32
> 99 Steve Barber 36.22
> 103 Milos Dusek 36.47
> 106 Jonny Rowan 37.08
> Teams
> 1 Thames H&H 194
> 2 Herne Hill 208
> 3 South London 275
> 4 Belgrave 382
> 5 Aldershot F&D 447.5
> 6 Ranelagh 527
> 7 West 4 536
> 8 Croydon 689
> 9 Hounslow 840.5
> Final Overall
> 1 Thames H&H 762
> 2 Herne Hill 1146
> 3 Belgrave 1153
> 4 South London 1441
> 5 Aldershot F&D 1909.5
> 6 Ranelagh 2081
> 7 West 4 2319
> 8 Croydon 2886
> 9 Hounslow 2957.5
> Hounslow showed little interest again, with only one scoring runner, but
> it's not clear yet whether they will be withdrawing from the League after
> their amalgamation with Windsor.
> Stephen Instone led a small band of RH at the Mitcham 25km: "I enjoyed it
> more than ever before, because I ran so slowly I expect". John Hanscomb
> first ran the race 40 years ago.
> 1 A Weir (Thames H&H) 1.24.49 
> 42 Stephen Instone 1.43.33 
> 90 John Hughes 1.48.54
> 157 Sue Healey 1.59.46
> 227 John Hanscomb  2.09.52 
> Frances Ratchford writes about safety in Richmond Park:
> "The thing we all dread is spraining an ankle or hurting a leg in the
> middle of Richmond Park at night in the middle of winter.   What do you
> do?  Struggle slowly to the nearest exit supported by your fellow runners,
> a long slow and painful journey.   It happened to someone from the Tuesday
> Group, a sprained ankle near Pen Ponds.   But help is at hand. If you are
> in trouble ring the Park Police or send someone to ring the Park Police
> from any of the telephone boxes situated at each of the gates.  They will
> either come to you or send an ambulance if the person is seriously
> injured."
> Yes, it's on the horizon again. For those who don't know, this is a
> two-day relay encircling London, comprising 20 stages of an average length
> of just over 10 miles. Teams are comprised of ten runners and each has to
> run one stage each day. Last year Ranelagh made a clean sweep of the
> men's, women's and veterans' trophies, but even without that success it
> would have been one of the highlights of the year for most of us. It was a
> greatly enjoyable weekend. The dates this year are May 19th and 20th.
> Reserve them now! And don't forget that this is an event for everybody.
> Even if you don't feel up to running two lots of 10 miles you can still
> participate by helping with driving and general support. 
> As usual there are a few improvements to the route this year, and a couple
> of changed take-over points. I won't go into details now but all the
> latest news is available on the event website at
> http://www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk
> More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
> paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
> sarah.seal@haynet.com).
> Saturday February 10th Mob Match v Blackheath Harriers at Hayes
> (Kent). See above.
> Sunday February 11th  Richmond Mini Marathon trial at Old Deer Park. These
> are the qualifying events for the junior races held along the last part of
> the London Marathon course on April 22nd. The combined girls under 18 and
> under 16 race doubles up as our club junior women's championship for the
> Camilla Cup. We need a few people to help with marshalling and recording -
> and maybe signing up some new young members! The first event is at 9.30am.
> Saturday February 17th The race against the Bank of England at
> Roehampton has been cancelled.
> Saturday February 17th  Surrey Ladies League at Lloyd Park, Croydon. NOTE
> this is a double-header with a men's fixture, and as always in the final
> League event the senior race will come first. So the start time for the
> seniors is VERY EARLY - 12.30pm! The Under 13s follow at 1.15pm, the Under
> 15s at 1.45pm and the Under 17s at 2.15pm. Please contact Sarah if you
> need transport or more details of the venue etc.    
> Saturday February 24th  National Championships at Durham
> A newspaper in Thailand reports that a half marathon in the west of the
> country was won in a time of 2.12.30 by Peng Perngsa....aged 87!
> Apparently he began long distance running when he was a lad of 80....
> Steve Rowland> e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk>