Newsdesk 2005

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 187               1 September 2005
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Annual club photo, Thomas Cup handicap and Opening Run Party this
 *  Biggest BPTT to date
 *  Mick Lane the leading veteran at Yateley
 *  Ironman Jonny Rowan
 *  Lauren Shelley in good form in Australia

 125th SEASON OPENING RUN and THOMAS CUP HANDICAP  Saturday 3rd September in
 Richmond Park
 This is the traditional start of our "winter" season, despite the fact that
 we've just enjoyed the hottest day of the year! It would be great to see as
 many members as possible for the annual club photograph which will be at
 about 2.30pm. The handicap race over 3.8 miles will follow. All welcome!

 OPENING RUN PARTY  Saturday 3rd September
 Marina Quayle writes:
 "Julie and Robin Drummond have kindly offered to have a party at their house
 on Saturday 3rd September to celebrate the Opening Run. The party will begin
 at 5pm which will allow runners to have a cup of tea (or a pint!) and shower
 before turning up to the party. We will be asking everybody to bring food
 and drink. Julie and Robin's address is 1 Church Street in Hampton.
 Everybody is welcome of course, including those not running".
 Robin Drummond points out that his and Julie's address is 1 Church STREET,
 not Church Road as claimed in the last e-news!

 Due to work commitments, Phil Aiken will be unable after all to take over
 the role of club handicapper. So we need to find a substitute! Frances
 Ratchford writes:
 "Needed - a new handicapper.  You should be good at statistics, enjoy
 watching people run and noting their times and really delighted to see
 whether their estimate of their times matches yours.  If you would like to
 try the job or perhaps share it with someone and frame the handicaps for
 half the races then please contact either Phil Aiken or Frances Ratchford.
 It could change your life!!!"

 The Surrey event is on Saturday 10th September at Wimbledon Park, starting
 at 1pm. There are senior, over 40 and over 50 races for men and senior and
 over 35 events for women. The senior men's race is over 6 stages of about 3
 miles and all the other events are over four stages. The course will be
 slightly shorter than in previous years owing to refurbishment work at the
 track. After the race, tea and cakes can be found at Julian and Sarah
 Smiths' house at 14b Lansdowne Road. 

 The Southern will be as usual at Rushmoor Arena at Aldershot. The men's
 races are on Saturday 24th September and include senior, over 40, over 50
 and over 60 categories. The women's races are on Sunday 25th September and
 include just senior and over 35 categories. As in the Surreys, all races are
 over four stages except for the senior men's which is over six. 

 Would anyone who would like to run and hasn't already been contacted please
 get in touch with one of the Captains: contact details can be found in
 "What's Coming" below. 

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Saturday September 3rd      125th season Opening Run: club photo and Thomas
 Cup handicap from 2.30pm in Richmond Park. See above.
                                          Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial
 5km. 9am start

 Saturday September 10th    Surrey Road Relays for men and women at Wimbledon
 Park from 1pm.
                                          Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial
 5km. 9am start 

 Sunday September 11th      River Relay  Virginia Water to Ham. Mixed teams.
 Saturday September 17th    Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am start
                                          "Outlying Run" at Ranmore Common.
 2.30pm start. See below

 Saturday September 24th    Southern Road Relays (men) at Rushmoor Arena,
 Aldershot from 12 noon.
                                          Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial
 5km. 9am start
 Sunday September 25th     Southern Road Relays (women) at Rushmoor Arena,
 Aldershot at 3.30pm.

 Saturday October 1st      Page Cup 5 miles handicap.  3pm start in Richmond Park 
                                          Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  
 5km. 9am start.    The first anniversary of the BPTT - see below. 

 NOT THE OPENING RUN  Saturday 17th September
 As there is nothing else besides the London Duathlon happening on Saturday
 17th, Clive Beauvais is organising an "outlying run" for anyone who fancies
 a sociable run on the North Downs. There will be 6 miles, 9 miles and 12
 miles options, all setting off at 2.30pm from Ranmore National Trust car
 park (200 yds from Ranmore church) near Dorking. All welcome. And afterwards
 of course, it may be possible to find a suitable country pub... 

 On the 1st of October the BPTT will be one year old. Congratulations and
 thanks to Paul Sinton-Hewitt for all his hard work and enthusiasm in making
 this event such a success. There will be awards in a variety of categories
 and a short celebration after the run - please bring a little food and drink
 for a late alfresco breakfast.

 For those who haven't yet tried the BPTT, it's a timed 5km run every
 Saturday morning at 9am. The start and finish are at the Diana Fountain car
 park in Bushy Park. Everyone is welcome - no need to enter in advance, just
 turn up.

 The London Duathlon being held in Richmond Park on Saturday 17th September
 is looking for help. Beth Lester of organisers The London Triathlon Ltd

 "An event of this size relies heavily on the kind and valued support of the
 volunteer marshals so if you can spare the time for the day it would be
 fantastic to have your support. Volunteers must be 17 years old or over. We
 are offering agreed travel expenses, food and refreshments throughout the
 day, a limited edition t-shirt and a post-race celebration

 This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in one of the first major
 sporting events to be held in the UK since the announcement of the
 successful London 2012 Olympic bid. If you would like further details
 regarding the marshal opportunities please contact me on 020 7559 2924 or
 email mailto:beth@thelondontriathlon.com".

 CABBAGE PATCH 10 MILES  Sunday 16th October at Twickenham
 Over 500 entries have already been received and it's likely that entries
 will close within the next week or two. So if you want to run, don't delay.
 Details here: http://www.cabbagepatch10.com/Scripts/default.asp.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 20th August
 Darren Wood, Stephen Instone and Gill Wilson remain on top of the points
 classification leaderboard. The competition reaches its climax on the
 event's first anniversary on October 1st.
 1 J Dewey (Guildford & G) 16.42
 5 Andy Bickerstaff 18.11
 7 Marc Snaith 18.39
 9 Stephen Instone 19.05
 10 Chris Read 19.21
 11 Darren Wood 19.42
 19 Alan Davidson 20.50
 22 Adam Wright 21.18
 25 Roger Wilson 21.58
 29 Alan Craig 24.18
 30 Julie Drummond 24.38
 32 Luke Wilson 24.43
 35 Gill Wilson 25.42
 37 Julie Naismith 26.49
 38 Frances Ratchford 27.39 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 27th August
 There was a record number of 58 runners in this week's BPTT and the standard
 must have been the highest so far too, with 21 finishing inside 20 minutes.
 Mark Middleton was the first Ranelagh man home just inside 17 minutes. John
 Atkinson hacked 46 seconds off his course pb, but Luke Wilson topped that
 with a 64 seconds improvement!
 1 D Symons (TH&H) 16.18
 3 Mark Middleton 16.56
 5 Nik Wright 18.03
 6 Andrew McLauchlan 18.06
 8 Gordon Whitson 18.13
 10 Marc Snaith 18.39
 12 John Atkinson 18.41
 13 Stephen Instone 18.57
 19 Darren Wood 19.56
 33 Alan Davidson 20.55
 34 Wyn Williams 21.00
 36 Adam Wright 21.42
 37 Roger Wilson 21.59
 39 Amelie Hunton 22.26
 40 Chris Hunton 22.27
 44 Luke Wilson 22.54
 52 Julie Drummond 25.19
 53 Gill Wilson 25.32
 56 John Hanscomb 26.33 

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesay 3rd August
 Another good 10km from Mick Lane who finished as the leading over 40 on the
 fast Yateley course.
 1 T Lambert (Alton) 30.39
 16 Mick Lane 34.35 

 STRAGGLERS JUNIOR HANDICAP 2km  Thursday 25th August at Kingston
 Excellent performances from Sam Hunton and Luke Wilson, 2nd and 6th out of
 22 in the boys' event and Amelie Hunton, runner-up out of 18 girls.
 1 S Croucher (Thames T) 8.41
 2 Amelie Hunton 8.50
 1 A Purdue (Thames T) 8.09
 2 Sam Hunton 8.30
 6 Luke Wilson 8.56 

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 26th August in Hyde Park
 1 P Coulson (Highgate) 15.49
 86 Alan Davidson 20.21
 90 Pete Warren 20.29
 154 Mike Rowland 24.39
 182 John Hanscomb 26.32 

 IRONMAN UK TRIATHLON  Sunday 21st August at Sherborne, Dorset
 Jonny Rowan writes:
 "The day finally came for the inaugural IRONMAN UK Triathlon in Dorset on
 21st August. The day did not begin too well with the start time for the
 2.5-mile swim being delayed by two hours due to early morning mist over the
 lake by Sherborne Castle.

 At 8.00 am competitors took to the lake to line up for the mass start swim.
 I had positioned myself well, which enabled me to get a good start and find
 clear water away from the masses. I aimed to complete the swim in an hour
 and twenty minutes so when I exited the swim section in 68 minutes I was
 very pleased.

 The good start however was short lived. After changing into my cycling gear
 I continued out of transition with my bike only to notice my timing chip had
 disappeared from my ankle. A frantic search for my bag and eight minutes
 later I had found my chip and I was commencing the 112-mile cycle ride.

 The cycle course consisted of two laps of Dorset and two laps of Somerset.
 The profile was undulating which meant careful pacing. Thankfully the cycle
 went without incident and I was back at Sherborne Castle in 6hrs and 28

 The marathon run was an out and back route with a long climb at 21 miles.
 The goal here was to go under four hours and at half way I was on target
 with a time of 1hr 57 mins. I kept a steady pace and completed the marathon
 in 4 hrs and 6 mins (I was very pleased with this time as it was my first

 With a total time of 12 hrs and 4 mins and a position of 327 out of 1154
 finishers I had completed my first Ironman".

 News of Lauren Shelley from Graham Maier of the Western Australian Marathon
 "Today (28th August) Lauren took part in Perth's City To Surf fun run, our
 state's biggest public fun run (25,000 starters). She ran 42+ for a tough
 12km course. Two weeks ago Lauren placed 3rd in the Sydney City to Surf 14km
 (60,000 entrants) in 49.02".

 LONDON TRIATHLON  Sunday 7th August at the Excel Centre, London Docklands
 We had at least one more competitor at the London Triathlon. Val Lowman
 "I finally did my full distance (Olympic) Triathlon at London this year. I
 would have been happy with 3.30 and did it in 3.26. Hadn't got a clue what
 the 10k run would feel like after the swim and bike - was amazed with time
 of 59mins as it felt like a couple of hours! My swim lets me down as I'm
 still doing breast stroke (taking 47 mins) - so my goal for next year is to
 give front crawl my best shot and improve my running".

 Simon Tyler writes:
 "I would like to thank to everyone at Ranelagh Harriers for all the generous
 support in helping me fundraise for my daughter Olivia's operation. So many
 people have gone out of their way to help her and I would like to take this
 opportunity to show my gratitude. I would especially like to thank the club
 for the donation from the Ranelagh half marathon. It was absolutely

 Olivia flew to New Jersey and had the operation nine weeks ago. As far as we
 can tell, the surgery has been very successful, and the results we are
 seeing are very positive. The surgery was primarily to lengthen the muscles
 in Olivia's legs but additional surgery was carried out on her left foot
 which involved drilling a hole in the bone and passing a tendon through it.
 This was to straighten her foot and allow normal future growth. Olivia was
 in plaster for 5 weeks and is currently undertaking intensive physiotherapy
 to maximize the benefits of the surgery. It has been a painful and traumatic
 experience for her but she is coping really well and braving the discomfort
 of having both legs in plaster. 

 We have raised close to 7,000 now for Olivia and much of this is through
 the generosity of friends and colleagues. All the money raised will go to
 help Olivia, and over the next few months we will see how successful the
 operation has been. She has a lot of hard work ahead of her and I will
 continue to pass on news of her progress".

 ...to Bob and Olive Maslin, who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary
 on August 25th.

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "The track at St Mary's College is now open and even better we can use it.
 The track has been designed for endurance runners not sprinters so you will
 find it a little kinder to your legs. There will be training on Wednesdays
 and Thursdays from 7.30 with Frances & Margaret.

 The cost is 2.50 per session, or 10 per month. If you are coming along
 bring a cheque made out to St Mary's College and a passport photo. St Mary's
 College is on Waldegrave Road, Twickenham.  Enter by the white gate and the
 track is straight in front of you. Changing room and showers are available.

 If you are under 18 and a member of Ranelagh there are training sessions on
 Saturdays at 10.30am. Contact Frances
 (mailto:grapevineproductions@compuserve.com) for details".

 Tough Tuesdays continue as normal, with speed work for various groups and
 Wally's beginners' club, at 7pm from the clubhouse.

 Robin Drummond's  "Improvers Sessions" continue on Thursday nights at 7pm
 from the clubhouse, concentrating on speed and technique.

 Also Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 10am at the clubhouse for a steady
 run in the Park.

 Don't forget the Bushy Park Time Trial every Saturday morning at 9am. It's a
 timed 5km run on the cycle track and grass in Bushy Park, starting and
 finishing at the big car park by the Diana Fountain. All are welcome - no
 need to enter in advance, just turn up and run.

 According to "Athletics International", Matt Shone's 3.58.66 mile at Crystal
 Palace on August 6th makes him the world's 1000th sub 4-minute miler...