Newsdesk 2005

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 183               3 July 2005
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Dysart Dash win for Paul Doyle
 *  Jo Ronaldson, Marie Synnott-Wells and Anna McLaughlin 2nd, 3rd and 4th
 and first team
 *  Marie Synnott-Wells and Anna McLaughlin 1st and 2nd in Harry Hawkes 8
 *  Good debut runs from Mark Middleton and Noel Stoddart
 *  South Downs Way Relay inaugural over 50s record for Sonia Rowland, Sue
 Ashley and Kathy Mallett
 *  AGM this Wednesday
 *  Coad Cup on Tuesday 12th July 

 to the following new members:
 Anna Mallett, Elizabeth Everett, Bente Klitgaard, Julie Smith, Elinor Busby,
 Karyn Cotcher, Paul Murphy, Marc Snaith and Andrew Cioffi.

 Don't forget the club AGM on Wednesday July 6th at 7.45pm in the clubhouse.
 Agenda and reports were sent out last week in a separate e-mail but I did
 get several delivery failures. So if you have not received them and would
 like to, let me know and I will try to send them again.

 Our five miles summer cross-country handicap will be held on Tuesday 12th
 July in Richmond Park. The start will be at 7.15pm and all members are
 welcome to take part in what I believe is to be Phil Aiken's first race as
 club Handicapper! Be at the clubhouse by 7pm to register.

 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).

 Wednesday July 6th            Ranelagh AGM. 7.45pm in the clubhouse.

 Saturday July 9th                 Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

                                           Brickmakers' Arms Relay at
 Windlesham.  2pm start
 Tuesday July 12th                Coad Cup summer 5 miles handicap  7.15pm
 start in Richmond Park. 

 Saturday July 16th                Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Saturday July 23rd                Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Sunday July 24th                 Elmbridge 10km at Walton. 10.30am start.
 Ranelagh Grand Prix Race 8 and Surrey Road league event. Details and entry
 at http://www.elmbridgeroadrunners.co.uk.

 Friday July 29th                   Wedding Day 7km  7.30pm in Bushy Park.
 Ranelagh Grand Prix Race 9. Details and entry at

 Well over a hundred Ranelagh members set off in various groups and at
 various speeds to visit some or all of the Park's 20 ponds. This seems set
 to become an annual event in memory of Chris Brasher who first came up with
 the idea, and this year it was especially pleasing to have Chris's son Hugh
 in one of the groups.

 In truth nobody visited 20 ponds, if the definition of a pond is a small
 body of water - the recent dry weather has reduced several of them to
 nothing more than patches of dried and cracked mud! But everyone enjoyed
 exploring the more obscure corners of the Park, except perhaps Ken Powley
 who took a purler - no lasting damage to his keyboard wrist, fortunately!

 Some ran quite fast, prompting later discussion in the pub about the fastest
 time set for the tour. Unless anyone knows different, the best seems to be
 57 minutes, starting and finishing opposite the clubhouse. The discussions
 were lubricated by a round stood for all by Hugh Brasher - cheers Hugh!

 DYSART DASH 10km  Sunday 26th June  incorporating the Surrey 10km
 Wth no entries on the day this year the overall numbers were a little down,
 but that's no bad thing on an increasingly congested towpath. A group of
 half a dozen or so broke clear of the 400-strong field in the first mile,
 with Popeye Doyle and former winner Stuart Major prominent. Paul takes up
 the story:

 "Stuart started at a good pace. We went through the first mile in a shade
 under 5 mins, then settled into around 5.08 pace. Both Stuart and I felt
 comfortable and we went though 5k in around 15.50. As we came to the towpath
 the second time round, I was still feeling good and picked up the pace at
 bit. Stuart I think was starting to suffer. I opened up a gap fairly
 quickly. I started to feel some pain at the 5 mile mark, but was clear by
 then. In terms of a PB, I think I bottled it on the last mile or so, didn't
 want to really hurt, never mind it was quite rightly a %PB. I think
 conditions were relatively fast. The only thing that concerns me slightly is
 that I'm not sure why I'm running so well, I'm not training that hard.
 Hopefully I can put in a decent Elmbridge 10k".

 Paul's 31.53 equalled his 10km personal best but more importantly won him
 his first Surrey title. Behind him new member Mark Middleton made an
 aggressive start and was only just off the back of the leading group at the
 one mile marker. He faded a bit in the middle stages and allowed Marcus
 Gohar past, but then came back with a scintillating sprint finish to pip
 Marcus for 18th place. Marcus was compensated by taking third place in the
 over 40s category. Stephen Whitehead was the only other Ranelagh man home
 ahead of Jo Ronaldson who recorded a great 36.25, only three seconds outside
 her PB. Naomi Warner of Thames led the women's field all the way but Jo was
 a clear second.

 Trevor Maguire, Andrew McLauchlan and Chris Owens were the next Ranelagh
 home, just ahead of a titanic struggle between Marie Synnott-Wells and Anna
 McLaughlin who ran side by side for most of the distance before Marie
 slipped away by less than 10 seconds at the finish. They were 3rd and 4th
 home in the women's race and both set PBs, moving into 11th and 12th places
 on the Ranelagh all-time list. Unsurprisingly they also secured the team
 awards with Jo. This gives the Ranelagh women yet another Surrey team
 championship to add to the relay, cross-country, cross-country league and 10
 miles titles they already hold!

 Jo and Marie were also the first two vets over 35 home and further back Pete
 Warren took 2nd place in the men's over 60s category. Over 40 RH crossed the
 line and many more of course helped in various capacities. Organiser Bev Ali

 "I would like to say a big thank-you to all who contributed to the success
 of the Dysart Dash on Sunday. If I try to name all who did their part, I
 would almost surely leave someone out, so please, and you all know who you
 are, accept my gratitude anonymously. Having said that, I would like to
 specifically mention that without the efforts and experience of Alan Hedger
 and Ken Powley in the field, and Carol Barnshaw in the clubhouse, no event
 could go as smoothly.

 Please let me know if you had any problems or have any suggestions for
 improvements. The only real problems that I was aware of on the day were
 with my data input! The first lady V45 turned out to be a man..oh well".
 You can see the full results on our website.    Incidentally, Ken Powley
 had these up on the site by about 2pm on Sunday afternoon. Well done, Ken!

 HARRY HAWKES 8 miles  Sunday 3rd July at Thames Ditton
 Thames Hare and Hounds use this event as their club championship and were
 out in strength, with winner Phil Sly setting a new course record. But
 thanks to new member Noel Stoddart, Trevor Maguire and Nathan Mills all
 inside the top twenty home, Ranelagh took second place.

 Behind this trio it was a case of deja vu as Marie Synnott-Wells and Anna
 McLaughlin "enjoyed" another great battle. Again it was Marie who came out
 ahead but their efforts carried them to first and second places in the
 women's race. Anna-Maria Plaza was some way behind them but well enough
 placed to enable Ranelagh to win the team award ahead of Thames.

 Pete Warren and Frances Ratchford were 3rd amongst the men over 60 and women
 over 55 respectively. There was another good turnout for the club, with
 nearly 30 Ranelagh names in the results.

 By all accounts this was another great success for social secs Marina Quayle
 and Jo Turner. The boat could have taken a few more but the 70-odd who
 boarded the Kingston Royale had a great time as they partied their way down
 to Richmond and back up to Hampton Court. 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 25th June
 Just a few stalwarts this week, with the party the night before and the
 Dysart Dash to follow tomorrow.
 1 D Symons (THH) 16.36
 9 Darren Wood 20.07
 14 Chris Hunton 21.01
 27 Luke Wilson 26.26
 28 Gill Wilson 26.27
 29 John Hanscomb 27.08 

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 2nd July
 Sara Grosvenor made her first BPTT appearance and moved into the women's top
 ten list. Stephen Instone equalled his pb in 3rd place.
 1 D Cummins (W Water) 18.04
 3 Stephen Instone 18.38
 11 Sara Grosvenor 19.47
 12 Darren Wood 20.25
 20 Chris Hunton 22.29
 21 Sam Hunton 22.33
 25 Roger Wilson 24.13
 28 Luke Wilson 26.14
 29 Gill Wilson 26.15

 LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 5km  Friday 24th June in Hyde Park
 1 D Gitau (Nth Yk Moors) 15.36
 99 Niels Andersen 21.37
 134 Mike Rowland 23.52
 162 John Hanscomb 26.48

 LONDON PRIDE 10km  Saturday 25th June in Brockwell Park
 Steve Rowland was first over 50.
 1 S Whelan (London FR) 32.55
 22 Steve Rowland 40.11

 DORNEY DASH 10km  Saturday 2nd July at Dorney Lake
 1 M Simpson 32.50
 40 Adam Tapley 37.35

 SOUTH DOWNS WAY RELAY  Saturday 2nd July  Buriton to Beachy Head
 Sonia Rowland celebrated the big 5 0 by recruiting Sue Ashley and Kathy
 Mallett to make up a team to set an inaugural women's over 50s record for
 the Brasher-rules SDW Relay. The event was another Chris Brasher innovation
 and calls for teams of three supported by one car to cover the 70-odd miles
 section of the SDW from Buriton (near Petersfield) to Beachy Head. Chris's
 own team set the first record time back in 1973 and some thirty Ranelagh
 teams have covered the route over the years. The overall record still stands
 to David Wright, Mike Riley and Geoff Jones with their outstanding 7.08.33
 in 1985.

 Sonia, Sue and Kathy were greeted with a dry but dull and sultry day and a
 welcome following wind. With Steve R in the car they started confidently and
 at one point were as much as half an hour ahead of their 10h 30m schedule.
 They encountered some low cloud over the highest points during the early
 afternoon and fatigue and one or two navigational errors began to eat into
 the advantage.

 But they stuck to the task and as all three joined in for the final mile
 along the clifftop to Beachy Head the sun finally appeared. Clive Beauvais
 was waiting with the champagne as they touched the trig point in a time of
 10h 26m 57s.
 It was a long but enjoyable day and a great performance from Sonia, Sue and
 Kathy. It would be nice to see a few more teams having a try - contact me if
 you'd like more information.

 The Dysart Dash and the Harry Hawkes were events six and seven in the 2005
 GP. The three remaining races are the Elmbridge 10km on July 24th, the
 Wedding Day 7km on July 29th and the Surrey 5km on August 14th. Entry
 details are on our web site at http://www.ranelagh-harriers.com/gp.html,
 where you can also find the full score sheet. 104 Ranelagh Harriers have so
 far competed in at least one event and the leading scores are as follows:
 Marcus Gohar 43  Trevor Maguire 37  Paul Doyle 36  Nathan Mills 34  Marie
 Synnott-Wells 31  Dave Powell 25  Stephen Instone 25  Mick Lane 20  Anna
 McLaughlin 20  Stephen Whitehead 19  Pete Warren 19
 Men Over 40
 Marcus Gohar 23  Stephen Logue 17  Chris Read 13  Simon Lawrence 12  Mick
 Lane 11
 Men Over 50
 Dave Powell 29  Stephen Instone 24  Mike Peace 21  Pete Warren 18  John
 Hanscomb 8
 Marie Synnott-Wells 22  Anna McLaughlin 19  Anna-Maria Plaza 11  Janet
 Turnes 8  Kathy Mallett 8
 Women Over 40
 Marie Synnott-Wells 24  Janet Turnes 21  Joanne Muirlittle 6  Hazel carr 5
 Louise Piears 5  Sonia Rowland 5
 Women Over 50
 Kathy Mallett 12  Corinne Bishop 12  Frances Ratchford 6  Pat Hewlett 6
 Celia Beverly 6

 "Kew College junior school is delighted to announce the creation of a new
 sports bursary in honour of Celia Beverly, who is retiring after fifteen
 years as a governor".

 Bev Ali writes:
 "If anybody else has had their hours of useful sleep restricted to less than
 4 hours by aircraft noise lately, as I have, please make sure that your
 views are known! They can be sent to mailto:noise_complaints@baa.com and/or
 to mailto:nr-stagetwo@dft.gsi.gov.uk".

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "The track at St Mary's College is now open and even better we can use it.
 The track has been designed for endurance runners not sprinters so you will
 find it a little kinder to your legs. There will be training on Wednesdays
 and Thursdays from 7.30 with Frances & Margaret.

 The cost is 2.50 per session, or 10 per month. If you are coming along
 bring a cheque made out to St Mary's College and a passport photo. St Mary's
 College is on Waldegrave Road, Twickenham.  Enter by the white gate and the
 track is straight in front of you. Changing room and showers are available.

 If you are under 18 and a member of Ranelagh there are training sessions on
 Saturdays at 10.30am. Contact Frances
 (mailto:grapevineproductions@compuserve.com) for details".

 Tough Tuesdays continue as normal, with speed work for various groups and
 Wally's beginners' club, at 7pm from the clubhouse.

 Robin Drummond's  "Improvers Sessions" continue on Thursday nights at 7pm
 from the clubhouse, concentrating on speed and technique.

 Also Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 10am at the clubhouse for a steady
 run in the Park.

 Margaret Auerback writes:
 "The next Masters League is on Monday 11th July at the Millennium Track in
 Battersea Park. It is the final match for this year and we need to have a
 high turnout to cover as many events as possible. Travel is easy, it's about
 a ten minute walk from Queenstown Road Station which is on the main Waterloo
 to Richmond line.

 Events are 2k walk, 200m, 800m, 3000m, and relay on the track. Shot, discus
 and long jump in the field. First event is at 18.30. The walk is at 18.40
 and the evening finishes with the relay at 20.35. We needs lots of you, in
 the unlikely event of there being too many of us you can still run as a
 non-scorer. Look forward to seeing you there. Contact me for more
 information: mailto:m.auerback@btinternet.com".