Newsdesk 2005

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 176            20 APRIL 2005
 Editor: Steve Rowland
 mailto: steverowland@ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  2.41 London Marathon by Lauren Shelley
 *  25 in a row for Mike Peace and John Hanscomb
 *  Nadia Fidler and Alex McKenna 17th and 21st in Mini-Marathon
 *  Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Smith
 *  Runners wanted for Green Belt Relay

 The fixture list for the 2004/05 winter season, can be found on our web site.
 More details of the following from
 Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / mailto: andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or 
 Phil Aiken (07739 035189 / mailto: phil.aiken@rnid.org.uk ) or 
 Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 / mailto: anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ).
 Saturday April 23rd                 Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Sunday April 24th                   Sam's Run 10km. 10.30am in Bushy Park. 

 Saturday April 30th                 Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Sunday May 1st                     Sutton 10km. Ranelagh Grand Prix Race 3.

 Wednesday May 4th              Thames H&H Parkland relays in Richmond Park.
 Start 7pm at the Pen Ponds car park.
 Saturday May 7th                  Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Saturday May 14th                Ranelagh Bushy Park Time Trial  5km. 9am

 Sunday May 15th                   Richmond Half Marathon.  Ranelagh Grand
 Prix Race 4. 

 The next events are the Sutton 10km on May 1st and the Richmond Half
 Marathon on May 15th. Full details can be found on our web site and entry
 forms can be found in the folder at the clubhouse..

 GREEN BELT RELAY  Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd
 Bev Ali writes:
 "For the last three years, the Ranelagh Bloodhounds have been the winners of
 the coveted Toilet Seat trophy. It is awarded for persistence and teamwork,
 not speed! So, if you have given up on ever being a part of a trophy winning
 running team because you never expect to be fast enough, but you do have the
 endurance and tenacity to run approximately 10 miles on two consecutive
 days, the Bloodhounds want YOU! Team members have no minimum or maximum
 cruising speed requirements. We do not run deliberately slowly in order to
 be last - we would be delighted to come in second or third last, but there
 is no pressure to perform, only to finish. We have already four committed
 members, and 2-3 tentative ones. Ideally we need a total of 10 committed
 team members and 2-3 alternates in case of injury or illness. Those who join
 earliest get first crack at choosing legs (new ones!) If you cannot run,
 support in the way of driving and/or handing out water is always needed

 We have three teams entered in all, so there's room for anyone who wants to
 take part in this unique event. As Bev says, speed is not important, just
 the willingness to run a stage in usually scenic countryside on two
 consecutive days. You can find lots of info at www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk. If
 you're interested please contact me or Anna McLaughlin (details above) or
 Bev Ali (mailto:bev.ali@blueyonder.co.uk) as soon as possible.

 We are introducing chip timing this year, and entries and results will all
 be handled by Sports Systems. It's important therefore that if you are
 thinking about running the race you should get your entry in early. It may
 not be possible to slip late entries in, even if they are from Ranelagh. In
 fact, with so many races reaching their entry limits nowadays it's advice
 that applies right across the board. Details and forms are at

 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday 17th April
 For the 25th running of the London Marathon we were blessed with a beautiful
 day for the spectators, though perhaps a little warm for the runners. Paula
 Radcliffe complained of a stiff breeze too, but it didn't seem as strong as
 in most years.

 The elite women were first away at 9am and as Paula disappeared into the
 distance Lauren Shelley and Marie Synnott-Wells settled down to the task in
 hand. For Lauren the target was 2.40, the Australian 'B' standard for the
 Commonwealth Games; for Marie the aim was to beat her personal best of 2.57
 set last year in Paris. Illness had hampered preparations for both of them,
 especially Marie, but both started as if they meant business. Lauren passed
 the 10km mark in just under 38 minutes, with Marie about three minutes
 behind. This was perhaps a little too fast for Marie and she settled back to
 44 minute pace for the following two 10kms. Lauren maintained an admirably
 steady pace and in fact her third 10km was her fastest of the race at 37.53.
 She passed half way in 80.34 to Marie's 89.33.

 Lauren never weakened, picking up several places in the closing stages to
 finish a magnificent 21st in 2.41.42, just outside her target but a huge
 personal best. Marie struggled a bit in the closing stages but finished in a
 more than respectable 3.09.

 Lauren reports:
 "It was a fantastic day!  London really put in on with blue skies and
 perfect weather (in fact the Brits thought it was bit hot for running but I
 still had my gloves on!).

 The marathon atmosphere was great - I was pretty excited but relaxed too by
 marathon morning - no nerves, just lots of anticipation.  I had a start with
 the elite and championship women runners, which meant we had our own
 marshalling area and toilets and started at 9am, ahead of the main field and
 the masses.  It made things very easy - you didn't have to worry about
 queuing for loos or baggage trucks, just running!

 I stood on the line with Benita Johnson in front to my left, the Kenyans
 directly in front (I was taller than them! Felt a bit odd!) and Paula across
 to my right. Haile Gebrasalessie was the starter, about 10 metres away.
 Needless to say I wasn't daunted.

 The first mile I felt a bit sluggish but once properly warmed up I had a few
 girls around to run with and settled into a good rhythm and pretty much on
 my target pace, feeling comfortable.  Running around the Cutty Sark at 6
 miles was a highlight; I think the idea of running London this year first
 hit me when I visited the Cutty Sark and Greenwich in July last year and
 recalled the pictures of runners streaming past.

 The Tower Bridge was also great though I started to have a little tough
 patch through here (not even halfway, about 19km!).  Got through it and
 although the legs were starting to ache I wasn't getting any slower, just
 having to push a bit more.  By now I was running on my own but with a few
 other girls in sight, and was able to move up on a couple over the final
 stages.  The course ran right past my workplace in London and I'd practised
 running miles 15-20 after work a couple of times, which reallly helped.
 Running up Birdcage Walk it seemed a long last mile but once I turned to see
 Buckingham Palace and then the finish it got a lot easier!

 The crowd was fantastic - saw and/or heard a few mates out there along the
 way, and a few of the Ranelagh crew - thanks for the support; it really

 After the finish I just relaxed in St James Park in the sun and it was
 lovely to sit there with the roar of the crowd, all the runners finishing
 and Buckingham Palace in the background. Later I headed to a pub in
 Whitehall, about 75m from Trafalgar Square, and stood out on the street in
 the sun with masses of runners having a beer.  To be honest the beer
 normally doesn't go down too well after a marathon, but the two pints was
 the best Fosters I've ever had! The atmosphere, weather, company and my
 hyper mood all helped!!

 On the way home the beer had set in and my legs felt pain free - as I got
 off at the tube station I walked up two flights of escalators without pain,
 something I normally struggle to do after a day at work!  I even considered
 the 25min walk from the station instead of the bus, and when I got home went
 up the stairs two at a time!  (for those who haven't done a marathon this is
 NOT normal!).  Yes, I was in a good mood and had a great day, running and
 otherwise. Today of course I am a little sorer and paying for carboloading
 on beer after the race instead of food!
 Oh, I'd better go through the results: first half 1:20:34, second half

 5km 18:54
 10km 37:57 (19:03)
 15km 57:23 (19:26)
 20km 1:16:29 (19:06)
 25km 1:35:15 (18:46)!!
 30km 1:54:22 (19:07)
 35km 2:13:42 (19:20)
 40km 2:33:05 (19:23) 

 It's funny, when it felt tough around 20-25km it was actually because I had
 picked up the pace slightly, trying to keep up with a girl that had passed
 me at just a slightly quicker pace!

 So I am pretty happy with how it all went, and how I was able to maintain
 pace and stay strong when I started to tire.  I had originally hoped for
 2:40, but the last 5 weeks haven't been ideal and I knew anything under 2:45
 would still be good.  Though 2:40 is a B Commonwealth Games qualifier, I'm
 not disappointed in missing it - I will need to do a lot quicker than 2:40
 if I want to get in as there are already several women faster than the A
 qualifier, 2:35, and only 3 can run.

 So I had better head off for a swim and let these legs recover ready for the
 next one!! (Gold Coast, 3rd July - 11 weeks!)".

 Marie adds:
 "Can you say thanks to all the supporters on Sunday for turning out to
 support us marathon runners. The support was inspirational and helped the
 miles go quicker".

 Back in the main pack it was Grant Lemke who led the Ranelagh contingent in
 the early stages, with a 38.01 first 10km and half-way in 82.02. But Ken
 Fotherby knows how to pace himself and from two minutes down at the half
 distance he cruised past Grant at about 35km to finish in 2.51 nearly three
 minutes ahead.

 Mike Peace was on three hours schedule for the first half but hampered by an
 ankle injury he slowed in the later stages to finish in 3.10. But the
 important thing for Mike was just to get to the Mall and complete his 25th
 consecutive London. Nearly 90 minutes later John Hanscomb got there too and
 the pair became two of only 28 'ever presents' who have a full set of
 finishers' medals. You can read more about this dwindling band on their own
 web site http://www.everpresent.org.uk. Mike plans to go on - perhaps to
 make it to 50! - but for John, 70 years old in August and 13 minutes slower
 this year than his previous worst, this is the end of the road as far as
 marathons are concerned. Congratulations to both on a great achievement. 

 Michael Beverly and Chris Read made it inside three and a half hours and
 Crispin Willis, Lucy Burnett, Stephen Instone, Therese Panetta, Evelyn
 Joslin, Sophie Timms and Tim Woolmer inside four, despite in Tim's case
 finding himself still inside a portaloo when the gun fired. Tim ended up
 running most of the way with Karen Broadbent who was unlucky to miss four
 hours by a scant 27 seconds.

 We had 25 finishers in all, almost equally divided between men and women. A
 special mention for Celia Beverly who only took up running last year to keep
 up with the rest of the family: her careful preparation brought her home in
 an excellent 4.48. Bringing up the rear as usual was race-walker Mike
 Rowland, who threatens to run the race next year!

 Another ten Ranelagh Harriers ran in the 4km London Boroughs mini-marathon.
 Fastest was Matt Hirschler with 15.50 but the best results came from Nadia
 Fidler and Alex McKenna who battled with each other in the Girls 13 - 14
 race to finish 17th and 21st. Both should have a further year in this age
 group. Georgia Miansarow and Sam Hunton also achieved top 100 finishes.

 BUSHY PARK TIME TRIAL 5km  Saturday 16th April
 A third consecutive 3rd place by Mr Consistent Nick Wright, whose last four
 times on this course have all been within 10 seconds!
 1 T Doran (OWLS) 16.51
 3 Nick Wright 17.54
 21 Alan Davidson 20.52
 25 Adam Wright 21.10
 27 Darren Wood 21.24
 33 Roger Wilson 22.28

 LYONS MARATHON  Sunday 17th April
 Kerry McLoughlin ploughed a lone Ranelagh furrow in Lyons to record a fine
 3.32.31 in 1064th place. 

 Amelie Hunton won her race and Holly and Luke Wilson both placed. The final
 race of the series is at 9am on Saturday 7th May from Hampton Hill Cricket
 Club in Bushy Park. Further information from TheCrouchers@tesco.net.
 Girls Under 11  2km
 1 Amelie Hunton 8.44
 3 Holly Wilson 10.55
 Boys Under 12  2.5km
 1 J Stanhope 11.34
 2 Luke Wilson 11.36

 TRI-SPORT AQUATHON  Sunday 3rd April at Epping
 Amelie Hunton was only 7th fastest swimmer but outran the field to win the
 girls 9-10 event by nearly 20 seconds.
 1 Amelie Hunton 7.57  (swim 1.54, run 6.03)

 THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR  Long distance  Saturday 16th April at Ansty
 Congratulations to former club captains Julian Smith and Sarah Seal who were
 wed on Saturday. They have our very best wishes for a long and happy future

 Tough Tuesdays continue as normal, with speed work for various groups and
 Wally's beginners' club, at 7pm from the clubhouse.

 Robin Drummond's  "Improvers Sessions" continue on Thursday nights at 7pm
 from the clubhouse, concentrating on speed and technique.

 As an alternative on Thursday nights, Margaret Auerback and Frances
 Ratchford are holding Strength and Conditioning coaching sessions at 7.30pm
 in the free-weights room at the gym at St Mary's College, Waldegrave Road.
 Coaching at the gym on other days is negotiable. For more information
 contact Frances at mailto:grapevineproductions@compuserve.com.

 Also Wednesdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 10am at the clubhouse for a steady
 run in the Park.

 Clubhouse Manager Alan Craig reports that the women's showers have now been
 fixed and are hot!

 Please DO NOT fill up the Dysart car park on Tuesday nights - or indeed at
 any other time! We have to keep on good terms with the landlord, so restrict
 your parking to the grass in front of the clubhouse or beside the wall. If
 these places are full, please leave your car across the road.

 Wally Garrod writes:
 "Well, I've done the London twice, walked the Camino (500 miles), what next?
 How about a 220 miles sponsored cycle ride across CUBA! There are 29 of us,
 each person has to raise 700 so that we can buy talking wrist-watches,
 talking calculators and school equipment for children who are partially
 sighted attending a school in Havana. My backside is sore, my neck is stiff
 and I've fallen off once but it will all be worth it just to hear Fidel
 Castro talk for one hour, two hours or three hours(!!) on 1st May.

 Please, PLEASE sponsor me: sponsorship forms are in the clubhouse or ring me
 on 0208 390 1676 or e-mail me on mailto:teresa40@yahoo.es. I leave on 23rd
 April - every 1 helps. Thanks from 'scrubber Garrod'." 

 From "Runners' World":
 "Run the Naked Ambition 3 as nature intended - in your birthday suit. That's
 right, clothes are optional in this Orpington race on May 15. Total nudity
 is not advised, though, as it is a trail race so the organisers recommend
 trail shoes. You'll receive a certificate at the end to prove you ran as
 God, if not decent society, intended for this three mile event".