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Contrary to some reports, this Saturday's men's Surrey League has NOT been
cancelled and is still taking place on Wimbledon Common at the usual times
(2.30pm for under 17s, 3pm for seniors).
But the women's Surrey League race HAS been moved from Richmond Park to
Lightwater Country Park. This is excitingly the same venue as the last
fixture, 5 minutes from junction 3 of the M3. It is no longer a double
header with the men's division 2, so the start times will revert to normal -
1.30pm for under 13s, 2pm for under 15s, 2.30pm for under 17s and 3pm for
However, the final women's league fixture on February 17th may become a
double header to accommodate the men's division 2 race cancelled before
Christmas. This will mean early start times. Watch this space!

"Sank 'eaven for leetle gerls," crooned Maurice Chevalier, to be echoed at
the Surrey Championships last Saturday by Ranelagh Harriers. While the men -
beset with the dreaded SALLY syndrome (sick, absent, lame and lazy) - all
but abandoned the event, the women came away with one county title and two
sets of team silver medals. Sarah Seal takes up the story:

"A fantastic day for Ranelagh girls overall - with both U20's/U17's and
senior ladies teams producing excellent results. The sun was doing its best
to warm our bare legs but the sticky, muddy undulating course needed to be
tackled before we could retire for a hot cup of coffee and a sticky bun! 
There was much anticipation as the combined U20's/U17's team consisting of
ZoŽ Vail, Alice Beverly and Louise Webster stood on the start line. ZoŽ,
sporting a newly cropped haircut,  set off as usual like a gazelle and
looked extremely graceful sailing around the 4.8km of muddy parkland and
despite a slight error in navigation finished a magnificent 9th (and U20
gold medallist) in a time of 23.23. Alice looked very strong as well
throughout most of the race and despite tiring a little towards the end
managed to fight successfully for 18th position  in a time of 26.00. Louise
Webster was not far behind and put up a good battle towards the end,
completing the team and finishing in a time of 27.51 and 23rd position. All
in all, the performances of the girls led to the team finishing in a well
deserved and absolutely fantastic 2nd place overall. Many many
congratulations to ZoŽ, Alice and Louise - well done!
This obviously set the standard for the Senior Ladies who mirrored this
achievement an hour or so later! Indeed there was excitement in the air as a
very strong set of Ranelagh ladies stood on the start line of this 8km race
and even more excitement when  4 of the 7 Ranelites finished in the top 20!
(we are not worthy etc etc...). Allison O'Neil, had a magnificent race, and
I only saw her bobbing head ahead in the distance for about one minute as
she set off looking very strong and at an incredible pace.  Such was her
speed that she claimed 7th place overall in a time of 37.08 . And her secret
to this display of incredible speed - barefoot running! Allison claims that
her spikes were pulled off in a particularly sticky and muddy patch around a
mile or so from the finish so she ran the last part of the race gloriously
barefoot - however I have since heard rumours that she was seen training in
the Alps over Christmas at lightning speeds
using the "barefoot" method and she'd been dying to try it out in a race!
Kathy Mallett was the next person to score for Ranelagh. There was no trace
of her niggling hamstring injury as she effortlessly  appeared to work her
way through runners and the ever stickier mud. Kathy finished in a time of
39.35 and in 16th place. Not far behind followed Sara Grosvenor who despite
recovering from a cold finished just 7 seconds behind (39.42) and in 17th
place. Margaret Auerback who completed the scorers in a time of 40.23 and
fought off the rest of the very hungry pack, finished in 19th place. I was
the next Ranelite to finish in a time of 41.14 with Sonia Rowland who put in
a superb performance, snapping at my heels. Sonia finished in 41.30. Louise
Piears completed the Ranelagh turnout in a very respectable 45.05. The
combined efforts of Allison, Kathy, Sara and
Margaret meant we finished 2nd place as a team - and we should all be
extremely proud! Much much praise is given to everyone who ran - it was a
very muddy and unforgiving course which needed legs (and lungs) of steel to
Also thanks to Alan H, Julie and Robin, Andy B , Steve R, Clive B and Ray
for cheering us on!"

Senior Women
1	K Jenrick (Highgate)	34.13
7	Allison O'Neill		37.08
16	Kathy Mallett		39.35
17	Sara Grosvenor		39.42
19	Margaret Auerback	40.23
27	Sarah Seal		41.14
31	Sonia Rowland		41.30
47	Louise Piears		45.05
1	South London	26
2	Ranelagh	41
3	Woking		60
Under 20 / Under 17
1	C Best (Crawley)	21.21
9	ZoŽ Vail			23.23
18	Alice Beverly		26.00
23	Louise Webster		27.51   
1	Guildford & G	8
2	Ranelagh	23
3	Epsom & E	37
Senior Men
Mike Peace flew the flag, but I don't have his finishing position or time.
Under 17
1	D Matthews (E&E)	25.27
15	Bastien Tardy		29.38	

We also had a few runners at the Middlesex championships. I don't have full
results but Jessica Harvey and Anair Beverly were 9th and 10th in the Under
15s in 23.21 and 23.37 respectively. The winner was M Shakibo of Shaftesbury
Barnet in 21.53. 

Darryl McDonald - now a hoots mon och aye resident of Edinburgh - had a busy
and successful time during his Christmas week back in London. On Christmas
morning he finished 3rd with Betts of Hercules Wimbledon in the Lauriston
Paarlauf, covering 5 miles 1359 yards in the half hour, and on the 30th he
was runner-up to West 4's Mark Critchlow in the Lauriston 7 miles road race
with a time of 37.37 to Mark's 36.50. 14th in 43.43 was Stephen Instone.

Paul Beauvais seems to be in great shape in New Zealand, with track times of
15.30 (5km) and 9.15 (3km) to his credit. He attributes his form to lots of
hill running (in Dunedin there is no choice!) and 'just enjoying my runs'.

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday January 13th    Surrey Leagues - see above! The men are on
Wimbledon Common (under 17s 2.30pm, seniors 3pm), the women are at
Lightwater Country Park (under 13s 1.30pm, under 15s 2pm, under 17s 2.30pm,
seniors 3pm). 

Saturday January 20th   South of Thames Senior Championships on Wimbledon

Saturday January 27th   Southern Counties Championships (men and women) at
Parliament Hill

Saturday February 3rd	Men's Surrey League at Coulsdon

Saturday February 10th	Mob Match v Blackheath Harriers at Hayes (Kent). The
season's last mob match, so reserve the date now.

Our London Marathon co-ordinator Peter Trainor is looking for a few more
people to help with the marathon registration at the London Arena on Friday
20th and Saturday 21st April. There are morning, afternoon and evening
sessions on the Friday and just morning and afternoon on the Saturday. You
can sign up for any or all of these, but if you're interested Peter needs to
know immediately (like TODAY!). Contact him at work on 020 8392 3128, at
home on 020 8541 3579 or by e-mail to P.Trainor@roehampton.ac.uk
Ranelagh's homegrown rock band has expanded to include Mick Lane (drums) and
Clare Nicholson (vocals) to join guitarists Dave Knight, Andy Bickerstaff
and Paul Graham. This comes from Andy:
"The band formerly known as Syrup, now to be called Zis Boom Bah (for one
gig only?) is playing again on 20th January. The venue is the Canterbury
Arms, Canterbury Crescent, 400 metres from Brixton tube and railway station.
The time is 8pm until 2am or last man/woman standing! Finger buffet
provided. Admission free but there may be a collection, any profits will go
to club funds. Come along and have a laugh or even a singalong!"
Further details from Andy (020 8572 4810).

Your contributions to the literary masterpiece that is the Ranelagh e-news
are of course welcome. But to avoid duplication, chaos, anarchy and general
hows-your-father, could I ask that anything to be sent out to the club at
large comes to me first and I will pass it on. Ta.
Kathleen Harris wrote before the holiday from Sydney:
"Hi to everyone and Merry Christmas from down under. Simon Hedger and I will
be running early on Christmas morning then it'll be a swim in the sea to
cool down then a few glasses of champagne. Then it'll be off to the North
Head for more champagne and tit bits and after sunning ourselves have dinner
in the evening at about 6pm. The next day is the Sydney to Hobart yacht race
so I'll be trying to find a great viewpoint to see it from. 
I'm still doing my running and trying to keep up the interval training. It's
hard trying to do that on your own but I am managing it. Tomorrow it's the
5, 10, 5 with 2 minutes rest in between. That'll be tough as it's still hot
in the evenings. Works up a great sweat though! I need to keep working hard,
from all the stories Roger and Sarah tell me. I'll have my work cut out for
me when I get back!"

Anybody jealous?
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