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There were more takers - well over 60, all told - for the mob match with SLH
on December 23rd than might have been expected on such an awkward date. We
narrowly outnumbered the "irrepressibles" in numbers and unfortunately also
in points. Scoring 29 a side they took the Stubbs Cup by 812 to 905. We
would have needed a couple more runners in the top 20, or three or four in
mid-field, to tip the scales our way. SLH's Stuart Major was the clear
winner but behind him was waged the battle for the Wynne Cup, Ranelagh's
club championship. Darryl McDonald takes up the story:
"To tell you how good Stuart Major is, about 800 metres after the start of
the race, Stuart was out in front and never looked back. Well, except for
one time when he got lost. Around Pen Ponds as you head uphill towards
Sidmouth Wood Stuart went in the wrong direction on account there were no
flags or race officials in that particular location yet. He waited for Dr J
and me to catch up to him to 'show him the way,' so to speak. Well once he
knew where he was going, he was off again, just like that. Making it look
ever so simple. And making us look ever so old.
I knew all along Julian 'Self-Deprecating' Smith was going to win it, even
though I overheard him whingeing about having a 'bit of a cold' at the start
of the race. As we say in New York, 'Yeeeeah right!' Respect to Dr. J,
though, for giving me 'big ups' at the end of the race in front of Athletics
Weekly's Pete Mulholland. 'J' said that he didn't want to turn around for
fear I might catch up and pass him, he was so worried. Dr J., you didn't
have a thing to worry about, my brotha. At least I'll get a good write up in
Behind these two, Marcus got the better of Andy Bickerstaff and new member
John Bristow for 3rd RH finisher and these were the only other home runners
in the top dozen. Further back Sara Grosvenor lashed the handicapper with a
very impressive 54.34 to win the handicap by some four minutes from John
Newton and Kylie Rixon who were also well clear of the pack.
There were ten teams out for the Henty Relay on December 30th, including a
Peace family outfit. The Henty, for those who don't know it, comprises six
laps of Sidmouth Wood, and teams - selected by Computer Ken - are made up of
one "fast" who has to run three laps, one "medium" who does two and one
"slow" who does one.

It was icy, both on the ground and in the air, but that didn't stop Marcus -
one of the few "fasts" to deserve the epithet - pounding round his three
circuits faster than anyone else. But his team was only 4th, just ahead of
Sara's, the fastest woman.

Magnificent and most worthy winners were a fine, handsome squad of young
starlets (average age 55). Of course, I might be biased.

Modesty forbids me from revealing the fastest "medium" ("medium" indeed!),
but the fastest "slow" was David Rowntree (likewise).

At the beginning of December we sent a raiding party to the Cyprus Challenge
Half Marathon. It's a half marathon all right, but they let you take two
days over it - an excellent idea, if you ask me. Both races are allegedly up
the sides of mountains - at least, that's our lot's excuse for the time it
took them. About 200 took part, all Brits bar a scattering of Germans - nary
a Cypriot to be seen.  Clive N was our hotshot, 19th overall and 4th over
45, but Joanne "I had my moment of glory - tee hee" made it tearfully onto
the rostrum as overall 3rd over 35.

Day 1 10km
1	A Jewkes (Chase H)	38.08
19	Clive Naish		43.41
71	John Newton		53.21
72	Mandy Holliday		53.22
76	John Hanscomb		54.16
87	Brian Chard		55.42
104	Brian Coles		58.52
120	Joanne Muirlittle		60.39
121	Catherine Carthy	60.40
143	Mike Pearce		65.55
Day 2  7.1 miles
1	S Fenwick (Tipton)	42.45
26	Clive Naish		53.11
73	John Hanscomb		64.57
75	Brian Chard		66.18
88	Brian Coles		69.09
105	Joanne Muirlittle		71.32
106	Catherine Carthy	71.38
119	Mike Pearce		75.44

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday January 6th   Surrey County Championships at Lloyd Park, Croydon
(not Frimley as shown in the Fixture Card)
Saturday January 13th    Surrey Leagues - the men are on Wimbledon Common
(under 17s at 2.30pm, seniors at 3pm). The womens event which was to have 
been held in Richmond Park, is now at Lightwater.  Normal start times
U13 1.30pm, U15 2pm, U17 2.30pm, Seniors 3.00pm.
Saturday January 20th   South of Thames Senior Championships on Wimbledon

Saturday January 27th   Southern Counties Championships (men and women) at
Parliament Hill

Looking further ahead, we've been invited to take part in a 10km "mob match"
on Sunday March 11th organised by the Stragglers to mark their 20th
anniversary. It'll be run from the Hawker Centre in Kingston and entry will
be 1 per head with all proceeds going to charity. There will be men's and
women's team events and a prize for the club with most finishers.


It was perhaps inevitable that Dubya would eventually come out ahead in the
longest US Presidential race in history. He had after all already proved his
long-distance credentials with a nifty 3.44 marathon, as against his
opponent Ali G's pedestrian 4.58...

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