Newsdesk 2004

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 144                   29 JUNE 2004
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  36.22 10km by Jo Ronaldson
 *  Successful Dysart Dash - provisional Surrey titles for Paul Doyle and
 men's and women's teams

 I will not be contactable on this e-mail address after Wednesday June 30th.
 I will send out an update when I have a new address set up.

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Wednesday July 7th in the clubhouse, starting at
 AGM notices have just been sent out, but Hon. Sec. Frances Ratchford
 apologises for an error she has discovered:
 "The extra item on the agenda for the costs of refurbishing the men's and
 women's showers should say that the total cost for both is 7300. I only put
 down the costs for the women's shower".

 Our next Grand Prix event is the Harry Hawkes this Sunday, starting from
 Thames Ditton and including  the tow path from Kingston to Hampton Court.
 Details on www.hh8.org.uk
 BRICKMAKERS' ARMS RELAY MARATHON  Saturday July 10th at Windlesham   2pm
 This is a low-key fun event based around a pub. Teams of 10, each running
 2.6 miles. Contact Mike Peace if you're interested
 (mailto:head@frimley.surrey.sch.uk  or  07711513745).

 CHRIS BRASHER MEMORIAL 10Km  Sunday June 20th in Richmond Park
 In contrast to the Nike 10km held in the Park in 2002, the general concensus
 was that this was a well-organised and enjoyable event. Organiser Hugh
 Brasher didn't get the 10,000 entries he had hoped for, but the 4,000+
 starters will have raised a tidy sum towards the preservation of Petersham
 Meadows which lie behind our club house.

 Making my way through the Park towards the start at Roehampton Gate, the
 over-riding impression was of an almost eerie quiet - with the Park closed
 to all except authorised vehicles, the background traffic noise that we
 usually put up with was deafening in its absence.

 At least a couple of dozen Ranelagh took part and we also manned the first
 water station at Pembroke Lodge. The course started just this side of
 Roehampton and followed the Park's road circuit anti-clockwise to finish by
 the golf club car park just before Roehampton. So the stiff climbs at
 Richmond and Kingston gates had to be surmounted but, to judge from the
 times, the long gentle downhills more than compensated.

 Jo Ronaldson's run was simply stunning. Her 36.22 gave her second place in
 the women's race and takes her to third in Ranelagh's all-time ranking list.
 It's worth remembering that Jo's first race for Ranelagh was a 75 minutes 10
 miles just 15 months ago, and this time last year 10kms took her 42 minutes.
 The sky's the limit, Jo! 

 Chris Owens led the rest of our contingent which stretched down to Phil
 Aiken part-walking part-running on a welcome return from injury. 

 Only the top 50 were officially recorded, but we have been able to
 reconstruct an approximate result from runners' own timings as shown below.
 This certainly does not include all Ranelagh who took part, so any other
 runners are requested to e-mail me their times.         

 1 H Raidi (Belgrave) 31.42
 8 L Hasell (THH - 1st W) 35.09
 17 Jo Ronaldson 36.22
 21 Chris Owens 37.04
 22 Adam Tapley 37.06
 38 David Powell 37.56
 39 Tim Woods 37.57
 43 Stephen Instone 38.08
 Mike Peace 38.30
 54   Trevor Maguire 38.35 
 Christian Vaughan 39.15
 Andy Hayward 41.18
 Sandy Clark 41.23
 Steve Rowland 42.15
 Anair Beverly 43.00
 Scott Haddow 44.07
 John Ricketts 44.59
 Jim Forrest 47.10
 Angus Cater 47.25
 Louise Piears 47.30
 Simon Burrell 48.40
 Alan Craig 49.00
 Mike Rowland 51.53
 Celia Beverly 57.39
 Phil Aiken 68.37 
 Louise Hanscomb 70.00
 Also: Rod Hogg, John Hanscomb,  Matt Morgan and others...

 DYSART DASH 10km   Sunday June 27th at Ham
 There was another full house for the Dysart Dash, though fortunately I don't
 think we had to turn anybody away this time. The organisation under Bev and
 Alan's leadership seemed as smooth as ever and in the main people seemed to
 be enjoying themselves. Even the weather was kinder than normal - warm but
 not stifling. 

 Last week's Brasher 10km winner Hassan Raidi was off in front right from the
 start and won at a canter. The chasing group included the first woman,
 international Charlotte Dale, and our own Paul Doyle. Paul had been
 suffering from a cold during the week and decided this was not the day for
 heroics, but his even-paced run took him through the other pursuers and
 eventually up to a splendid 2nd place. Dale finished 5th overall in 34
 minutes dead, which I believe constitutes a new women's course record. 

 Mick Lane just missed the vets prizes in 14th and our third man to complete
 the team in 22nd place was new member Steve Whitehead, with a very
 impressive 35.46. Steve has been training with Paul Doyle, so some of the
 magic is obviously rubbing off! Belgrave were unstoppable in the team race
 but our trio finished a good 2nd. 

 Cap'n Bicks was the only other Ranelagh man in front of our first woman, Jo
 Ronaldson. Jo wasn't quite able to repeat last week's fireworks, but 38.21
 was a good solid run and gave her 4th place overall and the first over 35
 prize. Just 100 metres behind Jo came Marie Synnott-Wells for the 2nd over
 35 prize, and her time of 38.45 brings her into 14th place on Ranelagh's
 all-time ranking list. With Sara Grosvenor 9th we won the team event fairly

 Neil Walford celebrated his first race as a veteran with a 38.49 clocking
 and not far behind him was another promising debutant John Kipps. Another 20
 seconds back Mike Peace was sneaking into the prize list as 3rd over 50
 home. Liz Kipling and Anna McLaughlin both made the top 20 of the women's
 race, with a pb reward for Anna.

 The race incorporated the Surrey championships and as usual we have to wait
 for the results to be checked before any awards are made. But provisionally
 it looks as if the winner is not Surrey qualified, which means a county
 championship for Paul Doyle. The women's team should win golds and with
 several Belgravian men ineligible it looks as if our men might make it a
 double. At least two of the top three women are also not Surrey, which
 should give Jo and Marie silver and bronze at worst.       
 Bev Ali adds:
 "I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who helped out in any way
 with the effort to successfully create this year's Dysart Dash - with the
 usual special thanks to Alan Hedger, Ken Powley and Steve Rowland, Carol
 Barnshaw, Clive Naish and Janet Turnes, the Drummonds, Michael Brandon and
 Frances Ratchford, Hugh Jones, and all the faithful marshalls, and the list
 goes on and on ........
 If anyone didn't get a pin who would like one, or has children who would
 like one, there are quite a few left over - they will be at the clubhouse
 from Tuesday for the asking.
 Also, through all your hard work, Ranelagh will be making a donation of in
 excess of 500 to the local charity, Companion Cycling, who enable the less
 able to experience cycling in Bushy Park. Well done, everyone!"

 Full results can be found on our web site. 

 DULWICH 5 Km  Wednesday June 16th 
 Jo Ronaldson warmed up for the Brasher Memorial 10km with a scintillating
 17.37 to win the women's race by over a minute.

 VETS AC 5 MILES CHAMPIONSHIP  Tuesday June 15th in Battersea Park
 Jacqui Reid ran well for 2nd in the women's section in 38.37.

 The Dysart Dash was race six of our ten-event 2004 Road Grand Prix. Paul
 Doyle and Mick Lane are fighting it out in the Open category, having
 overtaken early leader Trevor Maguire, and Anna McLaughlin is chasing Liz
 Kipling in the women's. There is a full scorechart and fixture list on our
 web site. Leading scores to date are:
 Paul Doyle 48,  Mick Lane 44,  Trevor Maguire 32,  Mike Peace 29,  Stephen
 Instone 27,  Liz Kipling 23,  John Hughes 19,  Jo Ronaldson 18,  Anna
 McLaughlin 17,  Marie Synnott-Wells 16,  Andy Hayward 12,  Peter Haarer 12,
 Chris Read 12,  Corinne Bishop 12,  Ken Fotherby 11,  Marius Acker 11,  Nick
 Henderson 11,  Alan Meaden 11

 Men Over 40
 Mick Lane 24,  Stephen Instone 15,  Andy Hayward 8,  Chris Read 8,  Ken
 Fotherby 6,  Tim Woods 5,  Andy Bickerstaff 5,  Simon Lawrence 4,  Neil
 Walford 4  

 Men Over 50
 Mike Peace 29,  Alan Meaden 16,  John Hughes 15,  David Meaden 10,  John
 Hanscomb 10,  Alan Davidson 10,  Simon Rothwell 6,  Bill Harvey 5  

 Liz Kipling 20,  Anna McLaughlin 18,  Jo Ronaldson 12,  Marie Synnott-Wells
 11,  Corinne Bishop 11,  Sonia Rowland 6,  Kathy Mallett 5,  Janet Turnes 5,
 Jenni Kruse 4,  Mariette Engelbrecht 4,  Sara Grosvenor  4, Michele Gibson 4

 Women Over 40
 Sonia Rowland 10,  Michele Gibson 11,  Janet Turnes 10,  Jackie Alderton 6,
 Lynne Barber 5,  Marina Quayle 5,  Julie Naismith 5,  Hazel Carr 4,
 Catherine Carthy 4

 Women Over 50
 Corinne Bishop 23,  Bev Ali 10,  Kathy Mallett 6

 MASTERS TRACK LEAGUE  Monday June 21st at Battersea Park
 Margaret Auerback reports:
 "A small but very select women's team contested the third match in the
 series.While Richmond apparently was being deluged and thundered upon we
 experienced almost perfect running conditions, free even from the dreaded
 headwind down the back straight.

 We got off to a good start with Marion Rayner winning the W50 100m. We had a
 full team in the 1500 where Louise Piears took second place in the W35 race.
 The second race, the combined W50 and W60, was led home by Marion, doing a
 Paula, frontrunning from the gun and building up an ever increasing lead. I
 ran the W50 B string, my first race since getting injured at the beginning
 of May, and was relieved that I could still run that far. Pat Hewlett ran a
 good even race to take third place in the W60.

 Louise was soon back in action where she finished third in the W35 A 400m.
 Late arrival Jacqui Reid took second place in the W35 B race despite being
 almost flattened by a competitor cutting from the outside lane to the
 inside! We then watched the W50 race in awe as Marion left the rest of the
 field for dead and charged round in a new pb of 75.7. Although we covered
 all but one of the track events we only had one competitor in the field
 events - thankfully not me this time. Jacqui proved to be a very useful
 thrower, coming second in the W35 hammer.

 We finished in third place on the night and will almost certainly hold on to
 our overall third placing".

 100m 50A 1  Marion Rayner 16.07
 50B 1  Margaret Auerback 18.04
 1500m 35A 2  Louise Piears 6.07.2
 50A 1  Marion Rayner 5.57.8
 50B 1  Margaret Auerback 6.13.9
 60 3  Pat Hewlett 8.15.9
 400m 35A 3. Louise Piears 85.5
 35B 2  Jacqui Reid 82.6
 50A 1  Marion Rayner 75.7
 Hammer 35 2  Jacqui Reid 12.46 

 Mike Hubbert sends a news clipping from Richmond Harriers in Melbourne:
 "Sunday was the Athletics Victoria 15km road championship at Albert Park.
 Conditions were pretty good for this time of year , cool and dry with the
 wind picking up late in the race when we all were feeling tired and praying
 for that finish line. This is one of the few races where the men and women
 all race together.
 Richmond Harriers awards the "Petrina Trowbridge" medal to the fastest male
 and female runs of the day in recognition of Petrina who has been a champion
 15km runner for the club over many years. The fastest male was Paul Beauvais
 in a great time of 54.01. Paul is having a marvellous season consistently
 running strong races ensuring Men's Div 3 is out in front".

 The 2003/04 fixture list, together with details of the 2004 Ranelagh Road
 Grand Prix, can be found on our web site.
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / 
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 /
 mailto:anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ). 

 Sunday July 4th                      Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton.
 Ranelagh Road GP race 7.  Start 10am. See above. 

 Saturday July 10th                  Brickmakers' Arms Relay Marathon at
 Windlesham. Start 2pm - see above.  

 Wednesday July 14th              Coad Cup summer 5 miles handicap in
 Richmond Park.  Enter on the night at the clubhouse or at the start by
 Sidmouth Wood - first starter 6.45pm.

 Sunday July 25th                    Elmbridge 10km  at Walton. Ranelagh Road
 GP race 8. See www.elmbridgeroadrunners.co.uk  for details.

 Friday July 30th                      Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park.
 Ranelagh Road GP race 9. See www.stragglers.org/weddingday.htm  for details. 

 Margaret Auerback adds to her report of the Masters track league:
 "As we were getting ready to leave just before nine o'clock a young lad of
 about fifteen or sixteen asked if the meeting was nearly over as he was
 waiting to train. We asked him if he was training for anything special and
 he said yes, the 200m at the English schools. Apparently he had already been
 to his nearest track at Tooting and, finding a meeting in progress there,
 had trekked across to Battersea only to find another meeting on but had
 waited, determined to get his training session in. All this on a night when
 the England match was on the telly. Let's hope he meets with success...."

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901