Newsdesk 2004

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 143                   16 JUNE 2004
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com 
 *  Not a lot

 Please contact Andy Bickerstaff if you have an hour or two to spare on
 Sunday morning (June 20th) to help man a water station for the Chris Brasher
 Memorial 10km in Richmond Park (mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk). 

 And on the following Tuesday (June 22nd) we'll be staging our own CB
 memorial with a repeat of last year's successful "Ponds Run" - the idea
 being that you visit all - or as many as you can manage - of the 20 ponds to
 be found in Richmond Park. As before there will probably be three or four
 packs of differing speeds setting off at 7pm. And for those who can't make
 it on the Tuesday, we'll be doing it all again on Wednesday! See our web
 site for details and a suggested route map.   
 DYSART DASH 10km   Sunday June 27th at Ham  10am start
 Get your entries in now - forms are available on our web site and at the
 clubhouse. Anybody not running would be most welcome to help out in some
 capacity - contact Alan Hedger (01372 740626 or
 mailto:alan@hedger1st.fsnet.co.uk )

 BRICKMAKERS' ARMS RELAY MARATHON  Saturday July 10th at Windlesham   2pm
 This is a low-key fun event based around a pub. Teams of 10, each running
 2.6 miles. Contact Mike Peace if you're interested
 (mailto:head@frimley.surrey.sch.uk  or 07711513745).

 A quick reminder that subs for 2004 / 2005 were due on April 1st.
 Rates are:
 Family membership £60 
 Senior (over 20) £30
 Students/juniors £6
 Social/country £10
 Retired £5
 If you haven't yet paid, please send a cheque payable to Ranelagh Harriers
 to Robin Drummond at The Studio, 1 Church Street, Hampton, Middx. TW12 2EB.

 Last week's Dorking 10 was the half-way point of our ten-event 2004 Road
 Grand Prix.There is a full scorechart and fixture list on our web site, but
 leading scores to date are:

 Paul Doyle 36,  Mick Lane 33,  Trevor Maguire 27,  Mike Peace 27,  Stephen
 Instone 27,  Liz Kipling 21,  John Hughes 19,  Anna McLaughlin 15,  Andy
 Hayward 12, Peter Haarer 12, Ken Fotherby 11,  Marius Acker 11,  Nick
 Henderson 11

 Men Over 40
 Mick Lane 18,  Stephen Instone 15,  Andy Hayward 8,  Ken Fotherby 6,  Chris
 Read 6,  Tim Woods 5,  Simon Lawrence 4,  Clive Naish 3

 Men Over 50
 Mike Peace 23,  John Hughes 15,  Alan Meaden 12,  John Hanscomb 9,  David
 Meaden 8,  Simon Rothwell 6,  Bill Harvey 5,  David Meaden 5,  Alan Davidson 5

 Liz Kipling 17,  Anna McLaughlin 16,  Corinne Bishop 10,  Jo Ronaldson 6,
 Marie Synnott-Wells 6,  Kathy Mallett 5,  Janet Turnes 5,  Sonia Rowland 5,
 Jenni Kruse 4,  Mariette Engelbrecht 4

 Women Over 40
 Janet Turnes 10,  Michele Gibson 6,  Jackie Alderton 6,  Sonia Rowland 6,
 Lynne Barber 5,  Marina Quayle 5,  Julie Naismith 5,  Hazel Carr 4 

 Women Over 50
 Corinne Bishop 17,  Bev Ali 10,  Kathy Mallett 6   

 The Dorking race was also the second of the five Surrey Road League fixtures
 - the remainder being our own Dysart Dash 10km on June 27th, the Elmbridge
 10km on July 25th and the Surrey 5km at Wimbledon on August 22nd. 

 We're the title holders in the men's division, and despite a relatively poor
 result at Dorking we remain joint leaders with Stragglers on 51 points. The
 women are back in 7th place in their competition on 31 points, 10 behind
 leaders Sutton Runners. But we do have the leading individual woman - Anna
 McLaughlin on 8 points after two fourth places. Mick Lane is tied for the
 lead in the men's over 40 category with Mike Airey of Boxhill: both have 5
 points to their names after a 2nd and a 3rd each. Leading the over 50s'
 section is Ranelagh second-claimer Duncan Gaskell of Stragglers.  

 Men's title holder Paul Doyle is currently down the list after missing the
 opening event, but it's the best four scores to count at the end of the
 season so he still has time to make a successful defence. 

 Andy Hayward reports on two events to leave the mortals amongst us weak at
 the knees:
 "Sutton Park in Birmingham (the Midlands' answer to Richmond Park) hosted
 its second annual 50k (31.25 miles) on 23rd May. It was the selection race
 for the England team for the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k taking place in Cardiff
 at the end of June. The park being of a similar size to its south west
 London counterpart but with paths through it rather than round it, the
 organisers decided that the best way to fit in 50k was to take a 5k circuit
 and run round it ten times! This made it easy for the aid station, which was
 much needed as it was a hot day. The first almost half mile of the lap was
 uphill, so by the later laps you were pretty sick of it, and you knew what
 was coming! The balance of the 3.1 mile circuit was undulating. On the hill
 at the start of the 4th lap (at about 9.5 miles) I felt like I pulled a
 muscle in my calf. I didn't think that there was any way I would be able to
 complete the race, but rather than just walking back down the hill to the
 start / finish, figured I would try and complete the lap. Once I had done
 that, I thought I would try one more, and then another. Eventually after
 another four laps (12 miles) it seemed to clear itself, so I guess it must
 have been more of a cramp type thing. It was the closest I have come to
 pulling out of a race. I finished further down the field than I wanted, but
 was glad to have completed the race. 36 started the race, and 27 finished

 1 D Croft (Woodstock) 3.09.19
 13 Andy Hayward 3.58.38

 13 days later on 5th June was the very scenic Dartmoor Discovery Road Race.
 This is a monster of a course, 32 miles 637 yards long, but the kicker is
 the 4,000 feet of ascent and descent. 116 runners started outside the Plume
 of Feathers pub in Princetown, and after perfect conditions last year for
 the first time in the race's history, this year it was very hot and humid -
 the hottest in the race's history  - most unlike Dartmoor! (The first year
 it was run in 1998, we had fog, rain, hail and sun, all in the same race).
 The first 13 miles down to Ashburton contain two serious hills, but also a
 couple of 1 in 4 downhills, so your quads are shot by the half marathon
 point. Then from Ashburton there is a long drag of five miles back up on to
 the high moor which seems never ending. The spectacular moorland scenery
 interspersed with thatched villages such as Buckland -in-the-Moor (which you
 see on the front of chocolate boxes) and Widecombe distract your mind (a
 little) from the pain. Splits are called at 10k, 20k 30k, marathon, and 50k.
 At 20k I was two minutes ahead of last year, but feeling the heat. By the
 marathon point I was about 30 seconds down, and by the end, around two
 minutes slower than last year. However, I had a better place - I was 13th
 last year, and this year finished 7th overall, 6th man, beating people who
 were well ahead of me last year, so the heat affected most people's times.
 Awards went to the first six men, so I was lucky enough to pick up trophies
 for 6th man, second team (Road Runners Club) and the best aggregate time
 over this race and the Two Bridges 35 mile race in Scotland with which it is
 twinned. It definitely makes the pain worthwhile!

 1 D Stone (Exmouth) 3.51.48
 7 Andy Hayward 4.36.29

 Evelyn Joslin sends news of a special order for crop tops and Technical
 "Based on some requests I have had, I am looking into ordering some new kit
 items on a "1 off basis" (subject to sufficient interest to meet min. order

 Crop tops:
 Royal blue lycra with the club logo/name silk-printed in gold on the front.
 These are made to measure and are available in a range of lengths (midriff
 and waist) and styles (regular, high neck, t-back).  Price will be £16-20
 depending on style.

 Technical shirts:
 High performance 'micropore' polyester for maximum breathability and low
 moisture retention, again blue with the club logo/name silk-printed in gold
 on the front.  Available with short (£16) and long sleeves (£18).

 I hope to be placing orders in the next few weeks, so if you are interested
 in these special order club items and haven't already signed up, please
 email me on joslinem@yahoo.com for full details. Regular stock items such as
 club vests, cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts etc. remain available from me

 Stuart Perry writes:
 "I was wondering if any Ranelagh members who have an interest in Digital
 Photography (or just photography) might want to attend a workshop I am
 teaching on Wednesday 30th June. It is an introduction to Adobe Photoshop
 which is the industry standard software for retouching and manipulating

 It is a full day from 10.00am to 3.00pm at the North Kingston Centre which
 is the Kingston Adult Education College just down the road from Ranelagh and
 next to Tiffins Girlıs School. The cost is £25.00 and students usually learn
 a heckuva lot and have plenty of resources to take away. I also encourage
 people to bring in any of their own photos that they would like to retouch
 during the class. In the past we have brought in quite a few family archive
 photos which have been repaired, retouched and enhanced,- some from
 Edwardian times!

 The course is very much 'hands on' and each student has a state of the art
 work station. Teaching is done by example on a projection screen hooked up
 to my computer. We have scanners and printers at peopleıs disposal.

 If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me. Tel: 020 8941 3585 or
 mailto:stuart@perrytate.com ".

 The 2003/04 fixture list, together with details of the 2004 Ranelagh Road
 Grand Prix, can be found on our web site.
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
  mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 /
 mailto:anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ). 

 Sunday June 20th                   Chris Brasher Memorial 10km in Richmond
 Park. See www.chrisbrashermemorialrun.co.uk  for details.  

 Tuesday June 22nd                 Chris Brasher Memorial Ponds Run in
 Richmond Park. 7pm from the clubhouse. See above.
 Thursday June 24th                 Summer Junior Handicap Series 2km race 3.
 7pm at the Hawker Centre, Kingston. All under 17s welcome.

 Sunday June 27th                   Dysart Dash 10km.  Ranelagh Road GP race 6 
 and Surrey 10km Championship. Start 10am in Meadlands Drive, 5 mins from
 our clubhouse. Forms available from our web site.

 Sunday July 4th                      Harry Hawkes 8 miles at Thames Ditton.
 Ranelagh Road GP race 7. Start 10am. See www.hh8.org.uk for details.  

 Saturday July 10th                  Brickmakers' Arms Relay Marathon at
 Windlesham. Start 2pm - see above.  
 Wednesday July 14th              Coad Cup summer 5 miles handicap in
 Richmond Park.  Start 6.45pm

 Sunday July 25th                    Elmbridge 10km  at Walton. Ranelagh Road
 GP race 8. See www.elmbridgeroadrunners.co.uk  for details.

 Friday July 30th                      Wedding Day 7km in Bushy Park.
 Ranelagh Road GP race 9. See www.stragglers.org/weddingday.htm  for details. 

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901