Newsdesk 2004

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 140                    20 MAY 2004
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com 
 *  Successful Richmond Half Marathon on new course - Paul Doyle wins by 2
    mins, Marie Synnott-Wells finishes 2nd woman
 *  Subject to confirmation, Surrey HM Champs gold medals for Paul, Marie,
    Mick Lane and the men's team
 *  Results and reports of Green Belt Relay
 *  36.07 10km pb for Allison O'Neill

 DYSART DASH 10km   Sunday June 27th at Ham  10am start
 Entries are already coming in steadily for our next promotion and there's
 every chance the 500 limit will be reached - so if you don't want to be
 disappointed, get your entry in now. Forms are available on our web site.

 BRICKMAKERS' ARMS RELAY MARATHON  Saturday July 10th at Windlesham   2pm
 Mike Peace writes:
 ".. 10 runners per team, each running 2.6 miles in leafy Surrey, all
 sponsored by a pub, only 20 minutes down the M3. Please Email
 (mailto:head@frimley.surrey.sch.uk ) or text (07711513745) me if you would
 like to take part. Ideally, men's team, women's team, Bev's team, any others 
 team. I would like to get a strong team together in both the male and female 
 races to threaten the records plus all others just to threaten ... to run, 
 so come and get involved, it's good fun, and short, with good beer afterwards. 
 There's a notice in the clubhouse with details".

 Chris Owens writes:
 "Well - at least one or two people have asked about another run in the
 country, plus lunch. I'm suggesting an easier venue (for some), and an 11am
 (ish) start on Sunday June 13th from West End near Esher.
 Easy run of up to an hour, several groups if numbers require it, scenic
 Esher Commons - like Richmond Park but with more trees (and the A3 going
 through the middle, but there are foot bridges), followed by lunch in the
 Prince of Wales - good food, nice beer and a large sunny garden. 
 For those not interested in running (far), Garson's Farm & Shop can be
 recommended (at least until the pub opens)  - a large market garden farm
 with extensive shopping for fruit, veg and other products, much locally
 grown, also incorporates a garden centre". 

 CHRIS BRASHER MEMORIAL 10km  Sunday June 20th in Richmond Park
 Enter at www.chrisbrashermemorialrun.co.uk    7 of the entry fee goes 
 towards the Petersham Trust to preserve Petersham Meadows behind our club 
 house. Don't forget too that we have been asked to man a water station for 
 the race.

 RICHMOND HALF MARATHON  Sunday May 16th  Ranelagh Road Grand Prix race 4
 including Surrey Champs and club Half Marathon Champs. 
 After our old course from Old Deer Park had become simply too dangerous
 despite an early start, it was a difficult challenge for organisers Robin
 and Julie Drummond to devise a satisfactory new route. But this course,
 taking in long sections of towpath between Richmond and Hampton Court, was
 generally very well received by the runners. There were one or two difficult
 crossings and Robin will be looking at alternatives to these. The one-lap
 course is also heavy on manpower for marshalling etc, but the general
 opinion seems to be that it is certainly worth persevering with. 

 The advertised limit of 500 entries was well over-subscribed and in the end
 we accepted over 700, with definitely no entries on the day. Fortunately
 less than 500 actually lined up at the start in Meadlands Drive. The morning
 was a warm one, even at 8.30am.

 Paul Doyle was always in control at the head of the procession and was soon
 away and clear. He says he slowed a little in the final miles but still had
 over two minutes in hand over the runner-up at the finish. A very impressive
 run from Paul, who continues to go from strength to strength. Nick Henderson
 had been wavering about whether to run today after two hard efforts in the
 Green Belt Relay last week, but in the end he was glad he did as he strode
 through to finish in 3rd place - helped, it must be said, by the Guildford
 athlete who had been holding 3rd going off course at Kingston. Then just a
 few seconds behind Nick in 5th place came another fresh from Ranelagh's GBR
 team, Mick Lane, who also won the vets over 40 award. Not surprisingly, with
 three home in the top five, the team prize came Ranelagh's way too. 

 A minute behind Mick, in 8th place overall, came the first woman in an
 excellent 78 minutes, though few were able to name her during the race. It
 turned out to be Alison Outram, a former junior international recently
 returned to the sport and now representing Thames Hare and Hounds. She had a
 full ten minutes to spare over the second placer, who was similarly unknown
 to most of us - but this we were pleased to discover afterwards was our own
 new recruit Marie Synnott-Wells. 

 Trevor Maguire and Tim Woods followed, then Stephen Instone pulling Liz
 Kipling home in 6th place in the women's race just inside 90 minutes. Our
 two racing machines Mike Peace and Andy Hayward were next, then Chris Read
 and at 93.37 Bill Harvey who won the over 60s prize. Further back Mariette
 Engelbrecht crossed the line in 1.52 and this was good enough to secure the
 second team award for Ranelagh's women. It was good to have 26 Ranelagh
 finishers in the race despite the large numbers of helpers required.

 The race incorporates the Ranelagh Half Marathon championships, and the JF
 Williams Cup and the White Rose Bowl will go in due course to Paul Doyle and
 Marie Synnott-Wells.  It is also the Surrey Championship, and subject to
 confirmation there will be gold medals for Paul, Marie, Mick and the men's
 team and silvers for Nick and the women's team.

 Paul adds:   
 "The new course was very good, clever routing! Very well marshalled, a bit
 lonely with only John Herries on the bike for company, actually quite nice
 to back track onto the race at Kingston. Good improvement on my previous
 best. Solid 5.30 per mile until 10 miles, slowing slightly after that. Spare
 a thought for the venerable Bill Harvey, 1st V60 home, who has the 14th
 fastest all time Ranelagh Marathon time, run at roughly the same pace, as my
 half! Well done to all who ran".

 A final comment from Robin Drummond:
 "Here's an example of the sort of comment about the Ranelagh Half Marathon
 that has been on the web. Please pass on to all who helped. And add a huge
 thank you from me as well, without all the unselfish help we get this race
 just cannot happen.
 'Great, flat course. Friendly marshalls and smooth organisation. Perfect
 running weather. Nice t-shirt at the end AND a spot prize. Oh and I got a PB
 as well (1:46:50, 5 mins faster than previous best). Not bad for a Sunday
 morning jaunt! :-)'
 Let's hope that it all happens again for the Dysart Dash. Any comments or
 suggestions about the Half Marathon should be directed at me for next year's

 See our web site for some good shots of some of the leading Ranelagh

 The Richmond Half was the fourth event out of 10. Next is the Dorking 10
 miles on June 6th. There is a full scorechart and fixture list on our web
 site, but leading scores to date are:

 Trevor Maguire 27,  Paul Doyle 24,  Mick Lane 22,  Liz Kipling 21,  Mike
 Peace 18,  Stephen Instone 17,  John Hughes 12,  Andy Hayward 12, Peter
 Haarer 12, Ken Fotherby 11,  Marius Acker 11,  Nick Henderson 11

 Men Over 40
 Mick Lane 12,  Stephen Instone 10,  Andy Hayward 8,  Ken Fotherby 6,  Tim
 Woods 5,  Simon Lawrence 4

 Men Over 50
 Mike Peace 17,  John Hughes 10,  John Hanscomb 9,  Alan Meaden 8,  Simon
 Rothwell 6,  Bill Harvey 5,  David Meaden 5,  Alan Davidson 5

 Liz Kipling 17,  Anna McLaughlin 10,  Jo Ronaldson 6,  Corinne Bishop 6,
 Marie Synnott-Wells 6,  Kathy Mallett 5,  Jenni Kruse 4,  Mariette
 Engelbrecht 4

 Women Over 40
 Michele Gibson 6,  Janet Turnes 6,  Jackie Alderton 6,  Lynne Barber 5,
 Marina Quayle 5,  Hazel Carr 4

 Women Over 50
 Corinne Bishop 11,  Bev Ali 10,  Kathy Mallett 6  

 OXFORD TOWN AND GOWN 10km  Sunday May 16th
 Allison O'Neill reports:
 "At the Oxford Town & Gown 10km last Sunday, after precisely 19 years and 8
 months, I finally broke my lifetime best for 10k!   Finishing 2nd woman
 behind Jo Kelsey, I ran 36:07, shaving 2 seconds off my PB of 36:09, set in
 September 1984 at the Women's Own Laganside 10k in Belfast  when I was just
 18.  So there's hope for all of us yet - even on the wrong side of 35!"

 GREEN BELT RELAY   Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th
 Mike Rowland reports:
 "After the noise and the crowds and the hype of the London Marathon, and all
 the hours pounding the pavements in training for the thing, you need
 something like the Green Belt Relay, if only to remind yourself what a
 beautiful country we live in. Last weekend saw another highly successful
 event that was truly a credit to Sean Davis and his team of helpers from the
 Stragglers. OK, so it was wet, particularly on Saturday, and it was a bit
 muddy (though not in the same league as Epping Forest). But it did not spoil
 my enjoyment of this unique event. It even gives us slowies a chance to win
 something because.... yes, once again, Bev's Bloodhounds won the coveted
 toilet seat for last team to finish. But we were 20 minutes faster than last
 year, Bev, even with all that mud so we must step up the negative training
 next year!
 Congrats to Ranelagh Greyhounds for finishing second behind the strong
 Flanders team from Belgium. And this, despite the President and Neil Walford
 going off course. Don't run so fast, mates. At my pace, you have plenty of
 time to see all the sawdust markers and signs on the trees. An excellent
 effort by the Ranelagh Lassies as well, second ladies team.
 So many thanks are needed. To Clive and Mick and all the people who helped
 transport people to and from their stage and who did that job so
 efficiently. To all the team captains, especially mine, Bev Ali, for all the
 stresses and worries they must have gone through to get everything
 organised. To Tom Reay for keeping me company from Bourne End station to the
 start of Stage 4 and helping to take my mind off what lay ahead. To the lady
 from Thrift Green Trotters who ran with me almost throughout Stage 16 on
 Sunday and whom I insisted on calling Sandra even though she kept telling me
 her name was Suzanne. She even apologised near the end for making me run so
 slowly! If only she knew! It's little friendships like that which add to the
 But, most of all, a HUGE, HUGE thank you to Sean Davis and his marvellous
 team from Stragglers. It's a monumental piece of organisation. The man is a
 credit to our sport".

 The Greyhounds indeed did remarkably well to finish overall runners-up.
 Individually only Mick Lane actually finished in the top two on his stages -
 a win on day 1 (his 5th GBR stage victory) and a narrow defeat by a Belgian
 on day 2. But on nine more stages we were 3rd or 4th and it was this
 consistency that pulled us through. Neil and Mike were amongst those with
 second day 3rd places, more than making up for their excursions on the first
 day. It was good to see Nick Henderson back in action with two solid runs,
 and also Giles Marshall, who has rarely been sighted since last year's Green
 We didn't actually move into 2nd place until stage 12 and thereafter inched
 away. At the finish at Ham we had just 10 minutes to spare over West 4, 23
 minutes over the Serpies and 50 minutes over the leading vets team, the
 no-prizes-for-spelling "Millenium Group".

 The Lassies blitzed away at the start of the women's competition, with wins
 on the opening two stages from Sarah Seal and Liz Kipling. But the very
 strong Serpentine team was biding its time and steadily clawed its way back
 and on to retain the trophy they won last year. But all credit to the whole
 Lassies team for a great second place and especially Liz and Sarah who both
 made it a double with day 2 wins. Special mentions for Mariette Engelbrecht
 who stepped into the team at the last moment, Jenni Kruse who managed a top
 ten finish on day 2 and Anna McLaughlin who played a Captain's innings by
 covering more miles than anyone else over the weekend - 27.1, no less! It 
 was also nice to see Lizzie Clifford again.

 The Mongrels unfortunately started a man short after late drop-outs from
 other teams necessitated some sudden promotions. Then SLH guest Francis
 Upcott, after an impressive 8th place on day 1, had to withdraw injured on
 day 2 so we had no starter on three stages altogether. At the time of
 writing the Mongrels have been excluded from the overall result, but the
 normal procedure in the past has been to award the stage "cut-off" time for
 missing runners; and this was in fact done for two or three other teams this
 year. So we hope the Mongrels will be re-instated and I calculate our
 position should be 18th. Best results for the team came from Simon Lawrence,
 6th on stage 9, Francis Upcott 8th on stage 7 and Milos Dusek who scored a
 brace of 9ths.     

 Bev Ali adds:
 "My thanks to all the Bloodhounds and their handlers for the effort to make
 it work again this year.  And a big thank-you to all the drivers on the M25
 on Sunday for allowing me to drive from Twickenham to Lullingstone in less
 than one hour without exceeding 80 mph.....and I didn't have Simon's car!
 Despite the herculean efforts of Wyn and Simon, and in spite of the
 treacherous footing - ankle deep slimy mud - our cumulative time has not
 varied a great deal over the three years. HOWEVER, we ARE closing in on the
 winners! The gap has narrowed by almost an hour! Before you know it we will
 be finishing in the same shift as the top ten teams.  The Stragglers did
 their usual fantastic job of organising, marking and timing the races....
 Just picture it - 20 half marathons in two days! The Hamworthy Running Group
 deserve an award for refusal to abandon their post in the face of extreme
 slowness of the last 'runner', the Millenium group for courage and reckless
 bravery for the protection of runners crossing the A4, and Olsgboscorunners
 for making us all smile with their fancy dress - plus they have raise over
 2000 for charity. I think that next year, as well as continuing to whittle
 down the lead, we should try for the only trophy we haven't won yet - the
 Charity Shield.  (We all KNOW who is the friendliest and most supportive -
 WE don't need a trophy to prove THAT). One other point - if you REALLY enjoy
 the GBR, there is a forum for letting the uninitiated know about it, and
 that is the Runners World Website. On the 'Events' page, on the left hand
 side there is a link to 'Rate 2004 Races' where you can rate the Green Belt
 Relay on quite a few categories. See y'all next year".

 A NICE RESTFUL FAMILY HOLIDAY  USA National Triathlon Training Centre,
 Clermont (Nr. Orlando), Florida
 Paul Doyle writes:
 "Just after Easter, we went on a family holiday to my wife's aunt and uncle
 in Clermont, just outside Orlando. Thinking the only likely holiday training
 would chasing my daughter around Disneyworld, I hadn't realised we were
 staying a stone's throw from the USA National Triathlon Training Centre
 (http://www.usat-ntc.com/ ). I met some really friendly people. 
 The track is free to use. The track organiser and coach, Don DeNoon, allowed me 
 to join in some of the coaching sessions. He is the run coach to world women's 
 tri champion, Sheila Taormina, with whom I did a little training. Olympic 100m 
 medallist Dennis Mitchell was coaching the sprinters. The endurance training
 sessions start at 7.30am Tues & Thurs at the track, free of charge. A good
 start to the day before it gets too hot. Made some new friends! I thought
 racing and training were slowed considerably by the 80F+ temperatures:

 Run for the Trees 5km   Saturday April 24th  
 1 Paul Doyle 16.07  (had to leave the prize in Florida, for
 obvious reasons!).
 IOA  5km   Friday May  7th
 2 Paul Doyle 15.57   (nice corporate race, finish in the Citrus
 Bowl football stadium)".

 On his return from the USA, Paul ran a personal best for 4th in the Surrey
 county 5km track championships the day before the Richmond Half Marathon!
 1 P Wicks (WSEH) 14:55.12  
 4 Paul Doyle 15:25.75 

 Colin Gostelow writes:
 "Looking at the report on the above in Athletics Weekly I realised that the
 "Michael Johns" who was working with Sir Andrew Foster was the Mike Johns I
 used to run (and drink) with at the Dysart in the 60's.  I had seen the name
 a number of times over the last few months, but had failed to make the
 connection! Has any-one else picked up the pivotal role one of our
 ex-members has had?"
 Colin himself has recently completed his year as President of the South of
 England AA, a distinction which I believe has so far gone unreported in
 these pages.

 Neil Walford writes:
 "As the big 4 zero seems determined to nail me despite my best denials, I
 propose to spend the first day of my dotage pretty much like the previous
 14,610 days i.e. eating and drinking. Therefore will be having a BBQ on
 Saturday 19th June, starting 2-ish and continuing until food/drink/light
 runs out and the hard core debunk to Brighton town
 centre. Our address is 8 Brangwyn Drive Brighton, BN1 8XD (01273 551142).
 There is a train service from Croydon c 40 mins  (originally from either
 Victoria or London Bridge) and we are a straightforward 15 minute walk from
 Preston Park station, alternatively there is plenty of on-road parking. 
 Despite my protestations, Amanda is insistent that the cardboard
 veggieburgers are reinforced by animal flesh (so no need to get a Macdonalds
 on the way), however please feel free to bring a bottle. Grateful if you can
 let me know if you can make it". 

 7pm from the clubhouse:
 25th May 6 squares + 6 triangles (nr Pen Ponds car park) 
 1st June 6 x Queen's Ride loop + 3 x 20sec strides
 8th June 4 x Spankers Hill, 2 x Queens Ride
 15th June 1500m time trial + 4 x 3mins 

 No, really. Deborah Young writes:
 "Would anybody like to own a couple of lizards - uromastyx?
 A friend of mine, Sheila, is taking on the care of a teenage boy - the son
 of a close friend who died earlier this year. He has two adult lizards and
 unfortunately she can't take them in as well. She has nobody who can look
 after them when she goes away and they need daily feeding (on salads and
 vegetables). So she and the boy are trying to find a good home for them.
 They come with a glass cabinet which is 5 feet long, and is heated and lit
 on a timer. If you're interested please let me know (020 8948 3887) so I can
 put you in touch with Sheila".

 The 2003/04 fixture list, together with details of the 2004 Ranelagh Road
 Grand Prix, can be found on our web site. 
 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 / 
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Anna McLaughlin (07971 606521 /
 mailto:anna.mclaughlin@itv.com ). 

 Sunday May 23rd                 Coombe Hill 5 miles 

 Thursday May 27th               Summer Junior Handicap Series 2km race 2.
 7pm at the Hawker Centre, Kingston. All under 17s welcome.

 Sunday June 6th                 Dorking 10 miles. Ranelagh Road GP race 5 
 and Surrey 10 miles Championship. Start 10.45am. Forms available from

 Sunday June 20th                Chris Brasher Memorial 10km in Richmond Park. 
 See www.chrisbrashermemorialrun.co.uk  for details. 

 Thursday June 24th              Summer Junior Handicap Series 2km race 3.
 7pm at the Hawker Centre, Kingston. All under 17s welcome.

 Sunday June 27th                Dysart Dash 10km.  Ranelagh Road GP race 6 
 and Surrey 10km Championship. Start 10am in Meadlands Drive, 5 mins from
 our clubhouse. Forms available from our web site.

 Aussie Mike Hubbert thought he was just over in the UK for a quiet month's
 holiday - until he found himself drafted in to the Green Belt Relay team to
 make up the numbers in Bev's Bloodhounds.  There's no hiding place...

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901