Newsdesk 2004

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 136                  14 APRIL 2004
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com  
 *  It's the London Marathon!
 *  Don't forget to book for the "Baker Cup" supper on April 24th.

 LONDON MARATHON  Sunday April 18th
 The very best of luck to all those Ranelagh Harriers taking part on Sunday.
 The latest weather forecasts suggest about 14 degrees and some cloud -
 sounds ideal! Whatever you do, enjoy the day. That's what you're there for.
 Spectators: a group of us will meet up as usual near the Green Start at the
 south-east corner of Greenwich Park. We'll go on from there to near the 6
 miles arch (just before the Cutty Sark) and thence under the river to the
 Isle of Dogs. Please join us.
 Spectators' plea: we can pick you out of the crowds more easily if we can
 see your Ranelagh vest! So, unless you have to wear a charity shirt, please
 show off the club name and don't cover it with your number!
 Marathon Aches and Pains Party: Our usual get together after the race on
 Sunday will take place at Janet and Manuel's pub 'The Wych Elm'  in Elm
 Road, Kingston. All runners (+ medals!), spectators and couch potatoes
 welcome - from about 7.30pm.

 A reminder that this will take place on Saturday April 24th upstairs in the
 Dysart. Price 10, 7.30pm for 8pm. Book with Carol Barnshaw on 020 8898 9285
 or c_barnshaw@yahoo.com. Carol needs to confirm numbers by Wednesday 21st,
 so make sure you have contacted her before then. You won't be able to just
 turn up on the day! If you're veggie, please let Carol know when booking. 

 GREEN BELT RELAY  Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th
 We still need a few more runners to make up our four teams of ten. Any speed
 will be welcome, it's finishing the teams that's most important. If you'd
 like to join in, please let me know straight away.You have to be able to run
 at some time on both days, but you don't have to give up the whole weekend.
 Stage lengths average about 10 miles. See the race web site
 www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk  for more info.   You can find a summary of the
 stages at www.greenbeltrelay.org.uk/stage.htm

 TWO OCEANS MARATHON 56km  Saturday April 10th at Capetown, South Africa
 No doubt there will be a report when our intrepid travellers return. Suffice
 to say for the moment that Mike Peace led Andy and Derek in the early
 stages, apparently going through 10 miles in just a couple of minutes over
 the hour if the official splits are to be believed. Mike was over 10 minutes
 ahead of Andy at one stage but went through the marathon in 3.18 only three
 minutes clear. Thereafter Andy's ultra experience paid off and he had forged
 a lead of some 20 minutes over Mike by the finish. All three improved on
 last year's performances: Andy by over half an hour, Mike by nearly an hour
 and Derek by 11 minutes.
 1 M Mambo (Sth Africa) 3.07.41
 Andy Hayward 4.29.35
 Mike Peace 4.49.14
 Derek Mason 5.27.05  

 1 P Wicks (WSEH) 52.01
 261 Pete Warren 72.23
 775 Annie Coates 94.57

 Hats off to Milos Dusek and Bridget Cuthbert who made it to Westminster in a
 time just 17 seconds over 25 hours. They finished 38th out of 73 finishers,
 5th in their class of mixed senior doubles. Watch this space: I am promised
 tales of attacks by savage swans....

 Frances Ratchford writes:
 "Ranelagh Harriers Under 17s have been invited by Stragglers to take part in
 their summer junior handicap series.
 The series is sponsored by MaxSports and Megabowl and will take place on the
 last Thursday of each month at the Hawker Centre from April 29th until
 August 26th. The course is 2K on the playing fields in front of the Hawker
 Centre, just outside Kingston on the Richmond Road  (near Tiffins Girls
 School). For the first race competitors should be at the Hawker Centre by

 The handicap system allows runners to accumulate points throughout the
 series and everyone to have a chance of winning on the day.  Each month not
 only the fastest girl and boy but also the first three home will receive

 26.2 RRC, Ranelagh and Stragglers will compete for the team prize with the
 top 5 juniors from each club making a team.  To take part you don't have to
 be part of a team but you do have to under 17.

 For more information either contact Frances Ratchford at
 Grapevineproductions@compuserve.com ".

 Frances Ratchford writes: 
 "The AGM will take place this year on Wednesday 7 July at 7.45. The meeting
 is to elect or re-elect officers of the club and this year we have decided
 to take nominations before the AGM.  Every post needs two nominations i.e. a
 proposer & seconder.  All nominations must be received by the Secretary four
 weeks before the AGM, so 9th June is the deadline. The list of posts is as

 President, someone who chairs the committee meetings, has ideas about
 developing the club and organising it.  Kisses lots of runners when
 presenting medals.

 The Hon. Secretary, the least glamorous post, organises meetings,
 administration of the club and also acts a reference point for the club,
 makes tea, washes cups, anything anyone else doesn't want to do. Listens to
 ALL the moans and groans and smiles sweetly then resorts to drink. Usually
 works with the President to develop the club. 

 Treasurer, all the club finance is at his fingertips!  Expensive foreign
 holidays a perk! Fortunately he has the help of a Finance representative. 

 Men's Captain and Women's Captain, both of these post look easy but need
 people to communicate enthusiasm. They get Ranelagh teams together for all
 sorts of events from Surrey League to road relays and Green Belt and
 convince mere mortals that "it is going to be fun" as you gaze at the mud
 and the sharp hills through a haze of snow. 

 Membership Secretary, where do I start... !  All membership applications
 and, more important, the money pass through their hands.

 Club House Manager, tries to keep the club looking mud free, gardens and
 battles with the boiler so we don't shiver in the showers.

 Catering Manager, loves shopping in Tesco, provides delicious provisions for
 hungry runners, chocolate biscuits for young runners and hot tea for cold
 marshals, a saint!

 Kit Steward, provides the right kit colours so people can mispronounce our
 club name when they cheer us on in a race.

 Chief Race Official, races just happen don't they?  This poor person
 organises numbers, registration, results, listens to moans about results,
 organises marshals who moan in the cold, who moan in the heat, get lost,
 stand in the wrong place, drink all your coffee and then have the cheek to
 ask if you have brought the brandy.

 Fixtures Secretary, they arrange all the races for the year to go on the
 fixture card only to find that someone objects and wants to change them,
 often for spurious reasons and the changes are usually suggested three
 months after the card has been printed but hey that's what makes it fun.

 Vets Captain, for the old, tired and jaded, most of Ranelagh then. 

 Handicapper, the Harry Potter of running, in other words a young wizard who
 uses results to put an evil spell on your next race.  Should have some
 knowledge of stats or how to turn a gold medal into a last place!

 Press Officer, convinces the local press that Ranelagh is amazing, Olympic
 potential of all our athletes is gold standard and gets lots of column
 inches plus carefully touched up pictures.

 If any of these jobs are of interest then please contact the President or
 the Secretary".

 Bev Ali writes:
 "The Thames Turbo Triathlon Club organises a series of races starting in
 April that are suitable for beginners as well as serious competitors. The
 first race on 12 April has already taken place but the other dates are the 3
 and 31 May, and the 30 August - all Bank Holiday Mondays.  I think that
 after the excitement of the marathon and the Green Belt Relay, the 30 August
 triathlon looks like a suitable new challenge.  It involves: swimming 438
 metres (12 laps of Hampton Pool), bicycling 21 kilometres (along the A308 to
 Hampton Court and back then up toward Sunbury and back) and run 5 kilometres
 (mostly in Bushy Park).

 Cindy Croucher who is the coach for the junior Thames Turbos has offered to
 do a coaching session on transitions for us if we wish and I am sure she
 would be quite happy to answer any of our stupid questions as well! More
 information is available on www.thamesturbo.co.uk ".

 Catherine Carthy writes:
 "So far about 6-8 people are interested in coming to Ireland for Longford
 Marathon / Half Marathon on 29th August. Further details are on the web site
 www.longfordmarathon.com and a Press Release issued after the official launch 
 is on the club noticeboard. Catherine Carthy is co-ordinating this event and 
 will help find accommodation and provide information on the local area.  It 
 promises to be a fun event so please have a look at the info and give Catherine 
 a call, 020 8780 9784 or email mailto:catherine@aquiladevelopment.co.uk "

 Close to Richmond Park, Ranelagh Harriers, Richmond, Kingston and
 Double room with small en suite.  
 400pcm inclusive.
 Contact:  Joanne Muirlittle on 020 8487 2224 or 020 8948 4341.

 Speed / hill sessions lined up to torture you - starting from the clubhouse
 at 7pm. Marathoners excused!
 April 20th 3 x 5 mins and 3 x 3 mins
 April 27th 1500 metres time trial + 3 x 3 mins

 The 2003/04 fixture list, together with details of the 2004 Ranelagh Road
 Grand Prix, can be found on our web site.

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Paul Graham (mailto:paulgraham28@hotmail.com )
 or Clare Nicholson (07710 348030 / mailto:clarenicholson@hotmail.com ). 
 Sunday April 18th                   London Marathon.  Ranelagh Road GP race 2

 Thursday April 29th                  Summer Junior Handicap Series 2km race 1. 
 7pm at the Hawker Centre, Kingston. All under 17s welcome.

 Sunday May 2nd                     Sutton 10km.  Ranelagh Road GP race 3 and
 Surrey Road League race 1. 11am start. Entry form at

 Saturday May 8th / Sunday May 9th       Green Belt Relay. See above 

 Sunday May 16th                    Richmond Half Marathon. Ranelagh Road GP
 race 4 and Surrey Half Marathon Championship. Our Half Marathon is on a
 different course this year, starting where our Dysart Dash 10km starts, in
 Meadlands Drive. See our web site for details and entry forms.

 London Marathon too easy? Next year, why not try the North Pole Marathon
 instead? 15 runners, no crowds, -25C, snow shoes, winning time 3.43 by an
 American Sean Burch. Not to mention the polar bears... 

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901