Newsdesk 2004

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 132              10 MARCH 2004
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com
 *  Allison O'Neill finishes 28th in the Inter-Counties
 *  Jo Ronaldson runs 82.49 Half Marathon
 *  Andy Bickerstaff wins Inter-Club
 *  Dan Jermy, Robert Curtis, Alex Hook and Alex McKenna win the Junior
 Points Prize titles 

 SOUTH OF THE THAMES "SENIOR" CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday 13th March at Stanmer
 Park, Brighton
 It's the very tail end of a long cross-country season, but we picked up
 bronze medals in this event last year and finished as runners-up in the
 12-to-score competition. We may not have as strong a team this time but
 Captain Bicks has a good crowd heading for the coast on Saturday and if
 anyone else fancies a run they can probably be accommodated. Start time is
 2.30pm, then it's tea at Neil Walford's!

 Peter Saw writes:
 "The next Ranelagh Ramble will take place on Saturday 20 March. It will be a
 figure of eight based on the Royal Forest Hotel/Orion Harriers HQ/Butlers
 Retreat/Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge (an interesting museum open on
 Saturday afternoons) in Epping Forest. Everyone is welcome to join us. The
 morning will start from Chingford Station following the arrival of the 10:34
 train (10:07 from Liverpool Street, 10:22 from Walthamstow Central [Victoria
 line from Vauxhall which is on the main line from Kingston etc. and Richmond
 etc.]). The route has not yet been fully planned but will pass the Royal
 Forest Hotel before heading south along the River Ching to Chingford Hatch
 and then turn north to Pole Hill and lunch at or close to the Royal Forest
 Hotel. The afternoon will not start before 1:30 p.m. if anyone wants to join
 us for the afternoon only. It will head north towards High Beach and will
 provide a chance to support the Ranelagh participants in the Orion Fifteen".

 Computer Ken writes:
 "Please be on high alert for the current e-mail virus W32Netsky. It's quite
 prolific at the moment - I have received six in the last three days. Delete
 any e-mail you are unsure of, and don't on any account open the attachment
 containing the virus". 

 INTER-COUNTIES CHAMPIONSHIPS  Saturday March 6th at Nottingham
 Allison O'Neill writes: "I was in a Northern Ireland vest for the first time
 in 20 years!  I had a good run in 28th, managing to stay ahead of Lucy
 Hasell, Dorchie Lee and Jo Kelsey (the Surrey champ, whom I hadn't raced
 this season), and only 7 secs behind Julia Bleasdale, who was 2nd in the
 Southerns when I lost my shoe". Behind Allison, Sarah Seal was 6th scorer
 for the Surrey team that finished in 5th place and Alice Beverly, in her
 first senior county vest, was tracking her all the way. Jessica Harvey and
 Anair Beverly represented the county in the junior events, while for
 Oxfordshire in the men's race Peter Haarer had what he describes as a
 "respectable" run, 109th and 3rd man home for his team.

 Peter Haarer was in action again a day later, finishing 2nd in the Oxford
 Mail League for Headington Road Runners and securing for himself the senior
 and overall individual titles. 

 Reading's new course was generally considered fast, but runners had to
 contend with hail and snow showers during the race. In the circumstances, Jo
 Ronaldson's 82.49 for 10th place in the women's section was outstanding. It
 lifts her to 4th in Ranelagh's all-time list and augurs well for a fast time
 in the London Marathon. There were good runs elsewhere in the pack too,
 including some half marathon debutantes. Anna McLaughlin's apparent demise
 can be explained by the fact that she was pacing some friends (that's her
 story anyway).
 The offical results don't include club names, so the list below may be
 incomplete. If anybody else took part, please let me know.
 1 J Kimtai (Kenya) 1.01.38  (chip time 1.01.38)
 62 Paul Graham 1.17.37  (1.17.18)
 165 Jo Ronaldson 1.22.49  (1.22.45)
 1290 John Keep 1.40.15  (1.39.29)
 2294 Alice Gilks 1.47.56  (1.44.09)
 2305 Evelyn Joslin 1.47.57  (1.43.33)
 2412 Julia Langensiepen 1.48.22  (1.44.18)
 2720 Eleonora Zona 1:50:30  (1:49:38)
 3375 Simon Burrell 1.54.40  (1.47.49)
 4795 Rodney Oliver 2.03.51  (1.57.46)
 5640 Marina Quayle 2.10.16  (2.03.14)
 5783 David Rowntree 2.11.41  (2.10.55)
 6211 Lorna Smith 2.16.50  (2.09.49)
 7256 Anna McLaughlin 2.44.02  (2.36.22) 

 INTER-CLUB 3.8 miles  Saturday March 6th in Richmond Park
 Inter two clubs only this year, and just 27 starters. Andy Bickerstaff took
 the opportunity to record a victory by 10 seconds but the next three home
 were from Hercules and this gave them the edge in the team scoring. Will
 Graves followed the red and gold vests home, with Mike Peace and the
 improving Trevor Maguire not far behind. John Herries and Christian Vaughan
 completed the Ranelagh scoring six.

 1 M Smith (Tipton) 1.06.07
 2304 Scott Haddow 1.51.48
 2981 Steve McClune 1.56.34
 3973 Karen Broadbent 2.04.00 

 Tom Reay finished in 1.59.09: "The time is slow by half marathon standards
 but it is a hard course. There are two very steep hills, where it is nearly
 quicker to walk than run". 

 GLOUCESTER 20 MILES  Sunday March 7th
 Lucy Burnett finished in 2.45.25.

 FRANK HARMER 10km  Sunday February 29th in Brockwell Park
 Complete results haven't surfaced yet but it was another strong performance
 on a hilly course from Paul Doyle. 

 1 J Trapmore (Shaft B) 31.29
 4 Paul Doyle 32.52
 Steve Rowland 41.43
 Alan Davidson 43.03
 Phil Aiken 47.24

 JUNIOR POINTS PRIZE RACE 4   Saturday February 28th in Richmond Park
 This was the final event of the series, with big prizes at stake! OK, little
 prizes, but the competition was fierce nonetheless. There were fewer
 competitors than in the earlier races so boys and girls ran together this
 time. Dan Jermy very rapidly detached himself from the crowd and disappeared
 into the distance and the rest wouldn't have seen him for dust if the
 available dust hadn't been firmly frozen to the ground. His 7.51 was the
 fastest time of the whole series, and secured him the Under 15 title ahead
 of Matt Hirschler who also chased him home today. 

 Alex Hook had things pretty much her own way in the Under 15 Girls section
 and she crossed the line just ahead of the tightest finish of the lot, the
 Under 13 Boys. Robert Curtis just got his nose in front of Tom Culverwell
 and Harry Graham and this was sufficent to give Robert the overall win. In
 the Under 13 Girls section only one point had separated Alex McKenna and
 Victoria Elbourne before today, but at the start Alex was nowhere to be
 seen. Delayed in traffic she arrived five minutes late but was allowed to
 run a solo time trial. This turned out to be 8.54, the fastest time of the
 season for her age group. Victoria also put in a great run of 9.09 - both of
 them faster than the boys! - but the overall title went to Alex.    

 Boys Under 15
 1 Dan Jermy 7.51
 2 Matt Hirschler 8.22
 3 Frank Brown Griffiths 9.19

 Final scores: Dan Jermy 18,  Matt Hirshler 16,  Joseph Rake 13,  Frank Brown
 Griffiths 12,  Lloyd Bridger 4,  Max Heartland 2

 Boys Under 13
 1 Robert Curtis 9.37
 2= Tom Culverwell 9.38
 2= Harry Graham 9.38
 4 David Ready 10.37
 5 Hugo Muirhead 11.55

 Final scores:  Robert Curtis 18,  Tom Culverwell 15,  David Ready 12,  Harry
 Graham 11,  Max Bridger 9,  George Brown Griffiths 7,  Hugo Muirhead 2,
 Sebastian Graff 1,  George Hutchinson 1,  James Cordwell 1,  Alexander Woods 1

 Girls Under 15
 1 Alex Hook 9.34
 2 Rhiannon Mehta 17.13

 Final scores: Alex Hook 18,  Rhiannon Mehta 14,  Emma Sibley 5

 Girls Under 13
 1 Alex McKenna 8.54
 2 Victoria Elbourne 9.09
 3 Becky Culverwell 10.01
 4 Stephanie Croucher 10.11
 5 Georgia Mainsarow 10.55
 6 Rosie Polyer 11.15
 7 Anna Mallett 11.24
 8 Carolyn Guildford 11.30

 Final scores: Alex McKenna 23,  Victoria Elbourne 21,  Becky Culverwell 12,
 Stephanie Croucher 11,  Holly Clemens 5,  Georgia Mainsarow 4,  Anna Mallett
 4,  Martha De Ferrer 4,  Rosie Polyer 4,  Carolyn Guildford 2,  Rhian Lewis
 2,  Sophie Clifford 1,  Manon Quayle 1,  Clare O'Neill 1,  Pamela Watson 1 

 ILKLEY MOOR FELL RACE  5 miles / 1260 feet climb    Sunday 22nd February
 This was the "warm-down" after the National for the incorrigables.
 1 S Bailey (Staffs M) 35.31
 59 Andy Bickerstaff 47.13
 76 Chris Owens 49.15
 108 Mike Peace 51.42
 207 Neil Walford 59.24
 209 Sarah Seal 59.34

 With just one event to go in this winter season points competition - the
 Baker Cup on April 3rd - Mike Peace is unassailable in the men's competition
 but the women's is still undecided. With Sonia Rowland, Sarah Seal and
 Louise Piears all having held the lead over the past few weeks it's now
 Louise who has come out on top and she pretty much only has to turn up for
 the "Baker" to secure the prize. A full scoresheet can be found on our web
 site. Current top ten:
 Mike Peace 1485,  Andy Bickerstaff 1159,  Will Graves 930,  Paul Doyle 888,
 Marcus Gohar 880,  Chris Owens 847,  Peter Haarer 796,  Paul Graham 769,
 Phil Aiken 761,  Clive Naish 739
 Louise Piears 1131,  Sarah Seal 1093,  Kathy Mallett 969,  Sonia Rowland
 955,  Corinne Bishop 929,  Eliete Nascimento 762,  Liz Kipling 584,  Michele
 Gibson 555,  Carol Barnshaw 548,  Lynsey Morris 483   

 ...to Alice Beverly who has just been elected Captain of the Oxford
 University Cross-Country Club.  

 Speed / hill sessions lined up to torture you over the next few weeks -
 starting from the clubhouse at 7pm.
 March 16th 2 x 5 x Ham Cross Hill
 March 23rd 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1 min efforts
 March 30th Nightingale Lane hills: 4 x bottom, 3 x top, 4 x bottom
 April 6th 10 x 2 mins

 Andy Hayward writes:
 "I work in the insurance industry in the City, and have run at lunchtimes
 with a crowd of runners from that market for a number of years, several of
 whom are Orion Harriers. I first ran with some of them in the 1970's and
 80's, but only regularly for the last seven years. When I joined Ranelagh
 eighteen months or so ago, I ran across John Hanscomb, and the previous
 times I had met him were in the Insurance Athletic Association races of the
 70's and 80's. He asked me about some of the characters from those times,
 and mentioned the "Poly Handicap Race" that used to be run the last
 Wednesday of the month from near Tower Bridge in the 70's. As it turns out,
 these were some of the same guys that I am still running with at lunchtimes
 now. I mentioned the race to them, and they all came out with fond memories
 of it, but said that it had become too dangerous to continue with the
 traffic (it was run along The Highway).

 After a few beers, following the Insurance Athletic Association 10k last
 summer I was talking to Alistair Aitken, the Athletics Weekly etc.
 journalist, who with his connections always managed to get the results of
 the original race in the Daily Telegraph. I wondered if it would be possible
 to resurrect the race, although it would have to be on a safer, preferably
 traffic free course. I floated the idea round via e-mail, and the response
 was very good. A course was suggested, and even measured. The organisation
 was taken on by Phil Hernon of Orion Harriers, and a permit obtained.

 The result is the Ron Wheeler 2.5 Mile Handicap Race (named for the chap who
 recorded the times at every one of the original races, and who passed away
 fairly recently).  It is to be held at 1:15pm on the last Wednesday of every
 month, and the start (and finish) is along the canal just round the corner
 from St. Katherine's Dock. We would be pleased to see anyone who wants to
 take part, and John has promised to try and make it one month at least".

 The first two editions of the race have already taken place, with Andy,
 Chris Read and Alan Davidson amongst the competitors. The next will be on
 March 31st.

 A full fixture list for the 2003/04 winter season is available on our web

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Paul Graham (mailto:paulgraham28@hotmail.com )
 or Clare Nicholson (07710 348030 / mailto:clarenicholson@hotmail.com ). 

 Saturday March 13th               South of the Thames "Senior" Championships
 7.5 miles at Stanmer Park, Brighton starting at 2.30pm

 Sunday March 21st                 Finchley 20 miles incl Spendlove Cup club
 championship; Kingston Breakfast Run 8 and 16 miles

 Sunday March 28th                 Worthing 20 miles 

 Saturday April 3rd                   Baker Cup 3 miles road handicap in
 Richmond Park. Start near White Lodge in the centre of the Park at 3pm. Note
 that the Pen Ponds car park will be closed at this time.

 Sunday April 4th                    Thames Towpath 10 miles at Chiswick.
 See www.west4harriers.org           Ranelagh Road GP race 1

 Sunday April 18th                   London Marathon.  Ranelagh Road GP race 2

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901