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On Saturday 25th we hosted our friends from Thames Hare and Hounds for the
annual mob match. Several of their fast men were away on a training weekend.
Cheeky b******s, they thought they could beat us without them. 

They were right. 

The result was a long time coming, but not alas due to recounts, chads of
any description or appeals to higher authorities. Rather it was due to the
Thames captain's imaginative completion of his declaration sheet. But with
eight Thames vests in the first ten home they were clearly going to win,
whatever their names were. Marcus and Darryl fought the good fight in 5th
and 6th places and Marcus of course won the Hastings Cup club veterans
championship ahead of Mick Lane and Gordon Whitson.

Peter Haarer also ran well, if astonishingly late, but was comprehensively
outsprinted by Elly Grant. "She was very determined," muttered a dazed

The other pots on offer, the McDowell Cup and the Maslin Mug for the first
RH over 50 and over 60 respectively went to Mike Peace and Martin Clark, and
Martin also won the vets handicap.  
Oh, and it was a bit wet. Just a bit.

Enjoyment of the evening's supper in the clubhouse was enhanced by Chris
Brasher's free, abundant  and first class wine. We were almost spared the
Saltire Song due to John Bryant's absence, but Bryant fils had been primed
to step in. Jokes were told.

On December 2nd the women were off to Lightwater Country Park for their
second Surrey League fixture. Sarah Seal reports: 

"The wind and rain were nowhere to be seen - and the skies were nearly blue
over Lightwater Park - and on top all of that,  the Ranelagh ladies turned
out a fantastic team once again for the second fixture of the Surrey Ladies
Cross Country League. In a tough field, all of the Ranelagh girls ran very
well. Allison O'Neill put in another great run, finishing 18th, closely
followed by 17 year old ZoŽ Vail finishing 20th. Kathy Mallett looked very
strong and finished in 23rd position with Margaret Auerback hot on her heels
in 30th place. Our final scorer was Sonia Rowland (46th) who put in a good
performance and finished just 11 seconds ahead of Sue Healy (49th). Clare
Nicholson ( 51st), Eliete Nascimento (61st) , Kylie Rixon (70th)  and Louise
Piears (72nd) also finished  proudly wearing their Ranelagh vests! Overall,
the team finished in 6th position which means we maintain our 4th postion in
the First Division.Well done girls!

The Juniors also had a good turn out at Lightwater and ran well under Malcom
Muir's watchful eye. The U13's finished 5th, U17's 4th, and the U15's (Laura
Ball, Anair Beverly and Eleanor Moore) finished first (again!) enabling them
to keep their top spot in the League. Fantastic!"

1 D Lea (Thames H&H) 22.36
18 Allison O'Neill 25.55
20 ZoŽ Vail 26.07
23 Katharine Mallett 26.21
31 Margaret Auerback 26.57
46 Sonia Rowland 28.20
49 Sue Healey 28.31
51 Clare Nicholson 28.45
61 Eliete Nascimento 30.02
70 Kylie Rixon 30.42
72 Louise Piears 30.56
1 South London 59
2 Thames H&H 79
3 Herne Hill 104
4 Dulwich R 108
5 Woking 108
6 Ranelagh 130
1 South London 20
2 Thames H&H 17
3 Herne Hill 17
4 Ranelagh 12
Under 17
1 G Gardener (Guildford) 16.08
7 Alice Beverly 17.59
9 Louise Webster 18.07
1 Guildford & G 14
4 Ranelagh 62
1 Guildford & G 10
3 Ranelagh 6
Under 15
1 L Marland (Herc Wimb) 12.42
4 Laura Ball 13.25
6 Anair Beverly 13.47
7 Eleanor Moore 13.57
1 Ranelagh 42
2 Hercules Wimbledon 53
1 Ranelagh 17
2 Hercules Wimbledon 15
Under 13
1 L Collier (Belgrave) 9.43
19 Emily Ball 11.18
20 Sarah Harwood 11.20
22 Alex Hook 11.24
25 Hilary Wilson 11.36
34 Stacey Barber 12.51
1 Belgrave 21
5 Ranelagh 92
1 Sutton & D 20
8 Ranelagh 10

The Ellis Cup at home on the same day was largely ignored by the Ranelagh
men and we mustered only six starters. What is the point of hosting a trophy
event and then making no effort to win it? Beats me. 

Will Graves had a grand run in 4th place, Mike Brandon last-but-two must
have been astonished to find himself in a Ranelagh scoring six, and we
finished 8th out of nine.

More details of all the following from Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /

Saturday December 9th   Dysart Cup women's race 4 miles in Richmond Park
starting at 2.30pm. This is a 5-to-score team event and also includes our
club women's championship for the Hugh Jones Salver. As many of our women's
section as possible to run please. 

Saturday December 16th   NOT a mob match. Ignore the fixture card and do
your Christmas shopping.

Saturday December 23rd   Definitely a mob match v South London Harriers at
home in Richmond Park, starting at 2.30pm. Not the best day for a mob match,
but this could work to our advantage - so be there if you possibly can! For
those at the sharp end, this incorporates our club championship for the
Wynne Cup.

Saturday December 30th   Henty Relay in Richmond Park starting at 2.30pm. A
fun event - though hard work! - for club members and friends. If you can run
one lap of Sidmouth Wood (1.3 miles) you'll be welcome. Be at the clubhouse
by 1.30pm for teams to be arranged. 

We were celebrating David Wright's 100th (nearly consecutive) mob match a
few weeks ago, but Bill Bird's researches reveal that one still active
(well, just) member is already up to number 108!

So, bobble hats off please to the messiah himself, John Hanscomb......... 

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk