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 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 115             8 OCTOBER 2003
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com 

 SURREY VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIP  Saturday October 11th in Richmond Park
 Pre-entries have closed but you can still enter on the day though it will
 cost you 4. The race is organised by the Surrey County AA but it's based at
 our clubhouse and the start and finish is just around the first corner from
 our usual race start by Sidmouth Wood. The women's race (over 35s) is 6km
 starting at 2.30pm, the men's (over 40) is 10km starting at 3pm.

 PAGE CUP  5 miles handicap  Saturday October 4th in Richmond Park
 From my vantage point - starting in the middle of the field and going
 rapidly backwards - I enjoyed a good, if brief, view of the day's faster
 runners as they whistled past me. To help pass the interminable period it
 was going to take me to complete the course, I amused myself by observing
 styles, breathing and so on. One of the first past was Ed Barker, on his
 toes and carrying not an ounce of fat. Not quite the speed of old perhaps,
 but looking good. Mike Peace seemed to want to stop for a chat before
 heading into the distance and John Herries looked workmanlike as he squeezed
 past the mobile chicane I provided on the narrower sections of the course.
 Handicapper Will apologised as he went past, as if my progress rearwards was
 his fault rather than mine. Quietest breathing came from Liz Kipling, though
 her final time belies any interpretation of that as indicating lack of
 effort. Some of the men, on the other hand, seemed to be trying to outdo the
 stags' rutting calls that filled the Park's air. Last past me was Paul
 Doyle, striding out to the day's fastest time.
 Ed, I later discovered, had gone on to win, thwarting Phil Aiken's hopes in
 the last mile. Bill Harvey held on for the bronze, and Paul and Sarah Seal
 won the fastest time medals. 
 Ed comments: "Well, I have been a member for 20 odd years, and the biggest
 motivation on the day must have been looking on the club noticeboard at
 Ken's 'age best performances'.  That told me I had run sub 31 minutes at the
 age of 13 on this course, so I was worried that I wouldn't even run that
 fast!!  So when I could tell I was getting near the front on Saturday I also
 knew I had finished second, third and fourth too many times to count in
 handicap races so I put in a final spurt to try and catch everyone I could
 not knowing who was or wasn't a guest.
 Other than that I have of course become a Dad to baby Ella, and 2 weeks
 paternity leave actually allowed me to do some training. Thanks of course
 must go to my long term coaches and mentors - Julian, Jim and the club
 president............errr I think I'll stop there!!"
 Back in the clubhouse after the race there was a presentation to Alf Pearce
 of an engraved tankard to mark his 50 years of membership. "I backed a
 winner 50 years ago," said Alf.
 And up at the Rose of York we drank a toast to Ed Whitlock, who generously
 stood us all a round to celebrate his achievement the previous weekend of
 becoming the first over 70 ever to record a sub-3 hour marathon.  
 Here's to Alf and Ed!

 NATIONAL 10km incorporating AAA championship and CAU Inter-Counties
 championship  Sunday October 5th at Bourton-on-the-Water
 Peter Haarer writes:
 "I was called up for this at short notice to run for Oxfordshire.  There
 were hiccups on the day - the tail end of a cold, and some disappointing
 arrangements at the start which added one or two seconds to my gun time, but
 I still managed to clock my fastest 10k for four years.  The quality of the
 field was excellent, and the course designed so as to afford views of the
 lead runners on several occasions for inspiration (or was it just depressing
 - they hardly seemed to be making an effort)".
 1 J Kibet (Kenya) 28:42
 46 Peter Haarer 32:12 

 NOTTINGHAM MARATHON  Sunday September 14th
 Andy Hayward reports:
 "Another scorcher on the 14th September made for good spectating along the
 banks of the Trent. There were 5,126 finishers in the half marathon, and 815
 in the full, which meant it got fairly lonely after the 13 mile point. Chris
 Read and I represented Ranelagh in the full marathon, but we were both
 running for different reasons. Chris wanted to break four hours in only his
 second marathon, and I wanted a last long run before the London to Brighton
 race on the 5th October. Mission accomplished by both of us, with Chris
 getting well under target in 3:52, and me finishing my highest mileage week
 with an enjoyable run."
 1 D Bilton (Leeds) 2:25:15          
 77 Andy Hayward 3:13:30
 272 Chris Read 3:52:28 

 LONDON TO BRIGHTON  54 miles   Sunday October 5th
 Full report promised for next week, but Andy Hayward had a great run to
 finish 10th overall, winning a silver standard medal and the bronze third
 place medal in the South of England AA Ultra Championships. Like Andy, Chris
 Spink ran a pb for the course and was delighted with his run.
 1 B Hennessy (Crawley) 6.24.04
 10 Andy Hayward 7.08.10
 53 Chris Spink 8.48.41 

 Paul Graham writes:
 "November is a relatively peaceful month in racing terms, hence we have
 organised a training weekend (21-23 Nov) in the New Forest. Please contact
 me for further info if you are interested". See below for contact details. 

 Look on our web site for full details of the sessions, which all start at
 7pm from the clubhouse.
 14 Oct 3 x 3 x Ham Gate hill
 21 Oct  2 x 7min efforts, 2 x 5min efforts
 28 Oct  3 x 3 x Holly Lodge hill
 4 Nov   10, 8, 6 & 4 min effort, plus 3 x 30sec effort
 Wednesday night (6.30pm) training continues from the clubhouse too, plus
 Sunday morning runs at 10am. 

 Chris Spink writes:
 "My tri club www.fulontri.com will be hosting a coaching day with Julian 
 Goater (former international athlete and world duathlon champion) on 
 November 30th. The cost will be 30.00 per head and it will include two 
 practical running sessions with video analasys, a theory bike session and 
 lunch. It will be around the Bracknell area which will provide a lovely 
 running venue. Contact me at mailto:chrisspink4@aol.com for more details." 

 ...has arrived safely in Chile for a seven-month jaunt around South America.
 Next stop Bolivia...

 An Orienteering event - beginners welcome - is being held in Richmond Park
 this Sunday, October 12th. Registration is at the Broomfield Hill car park
 (between Kingston and Robin Hood gates) from 9.30 to 11.30, entry fee 4
 plus 1 for the hire of an electronic card punch. You can't get too far lost
 in the Park! 

 A full fixture list for the 2003/04 winter season is available on our web

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Paul Graham (mailto:paulgraham28@hotmail.com )
 or Clare Nicholson (07710 348030 / mailto:clarenicholson@hotmail.com ).  

 Saturday October 11th          Surrey Veterans Cross-Country championships
 in Richmond Park. Women 6km at 2.30pm, men 10km at 3pm. Entries on the day

 Sunday October 12th            Kingston Running Festival - marathon, 16
 miles or 8 miles events.  See www.humanrace.co.uk  
 Saturday October 18th        Surrey Cross-Country League Div 1 in Richmond
 Park (Kingston Gate). Women from 12.30pm, men from 2.30pm. 

 Sunday October 19th        Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at
 Twickenham. Likely to be popular so get your entries in early to avoid
 disappointment. See www.cabbagepatch10.com   
         Also today, the Founders' Challenge 26 miles
 at Peaslake. See above. 

 Saturday October 25th         Lee Cup mob match v Orion Harriers  7.5
 miles in Richmond Park. All members encouraged to run please! 

 A footnote from Computer Ken on last week's marathon records: the WAVA
 age-graded tables rate Andres Espinosa's 2.08.46 at age 40 as the best of
 the vet performances, scoring 100.15%. Ed Whitlock's 2.59.10 at 72 is not
 far behind on 96.3% but 92-year-old Fauja Singh's 5.40.01 rates only 69%...

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 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
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