Newsdesk 2003

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 SURREY 5km at Wimbledon  Sunday August 10th
 This race, held on the southern slopes of Mount Wimbledon, may pass into
 extreme-weather legend along with the infamous Sutton Coldfield "National"
 of 30 years or so ago. Greyhound racing at Catford was called off because it
 was deemed it too hot for the dogs to run but as the thermometer
 relentlessly climbed towards the 100 degree mark, we relentfully climbed
 towards the top of Cottenham Hill. 
 I'll let the Bard take over, pausing only to note that the race organiser is
 Derek Crookes.   

 "Today is called the race of St Derek.
 He that shall run this race and see old age 
 Will yearly on the vigil bore his clubmates 
 And say 'I ran in that Surrey 5K'.
 Then shall the old man open his bag
 And say 'This vest I wore on St Derek's Day'.
 Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot
 But he'll remember with advantages how fast he ran that day.
 Then shall our names, familiar in his mouth as household words,
 Paul Doyle the king, Marcus and Mick Lane,
 PG and Clare, Sarah and John Hanscomb,
 Be in his flowing pints freshly remembered.
 This story shall the good man teach his son
 And St Derek's 5K shall ne'er go by
 From this day to the ending of the world,
 But we in it shall be remembered.
 We few, we sweaty few, we band of brothers.
 For he today that sheds his sweat with me shall be my brother,
 Be he ne'er so slow, this day shall build his reputation.
 And Harriers in Richmond now abed
 Shall think themselves accursed they were not here
 And hold their Nikes cheap whiles any speaks
 That ran with us upon St Derek's Day!"  

 Paul certainly did run in regal fashion for third overall, a position echoed
 in queenly fashion by Sarah in the women's race. Both should win county
 medals, colour to be confirmed. Marcus was second veteran and we also won
 both team races, so more medals should be on their way.

 Ken Powley reports:
 "Ranelagh dominated the Surrey County 5K last Sunday, winning the men's and
 women's team awards on the day. This was the final race in the Surrey Road
 League with the Ranelagh men finishing the competition in first position,
 with the Ranelagh women in second place.
 Paul Doyle's outstanding performances in the Surrey Road League ensured that
 he won the Individual Senior Men's title, whilst Mick Lane's consistently
 good form earned him the Over 40 title.
 This was also of course the final event in our own Road Grand Prix, which
 was conceived by Steve Rowland back in 1989. This year 106 club members ran
 at least one event, almost certainly the highest ever.
 In the open event, Paul Doyle won by a margin of 30 points, being first
 Ranelagh home in six of the events, and second in three others, which
 undoubtedly helped to give prominence to the Ranelagh name throughout the
 Stephen Instone won the Over 40 event, whilst Mike Peace despite injuries
 won the Over 50s by a very clear margin.
 Eileen Church won the Women's event, from a very commendable effort by
 Evelyn Joslin, who ran no less than eight of the ten events."
 A full score sheet can be found on our web site. Leading scores: 

 OPEN:  Paul Doyle 94,  Stephen Instone 64,  Mick Lane 62,  Mike Peace 58,
 Paul Graham 45,  Eileen Church 37,  Simon Lawrence 31,  Marcus Gohar 31,
 Peter Haarer 24,  Darryl McDonald 24,  Sarah Seal 21,  Evelyn Joslin 20,
 Grant Lemke 18,   Adam Tapley 18,  John Hanscomb 18,  Alan Davidson 17,
 Chris Owens 16,  Chris Read 15,  Andy Bickerstaff 15,  Gareth Davies 13

 OVER 40:  Stephen Instone 40,  Mick Lane 34,  Simon Lawrence 22,  Marcus
 Gohar 17,  Bob Beatson 7,  Andy Bickerstaff 7,   David Powell 6,  Ken
 Fotherby 6,  Clive Naish 6

 OVER 50:  Mike Peace 46,  John Hanscomb 25,  Alan Davidson 19,  David Meaden
 15,  Chris Owens 12,  Tom Reay 10,  Alan Meaden 10,  Steve Rowland 10,  John
 Hughes 6,  Brian Chard 5 

 WOMEN:  Eileen Church 38,  Evelyn Joslin 26,  Sarah Seal 24,  Thérèse
 Panetta 12,  Bridget Cuthbert 11,  Eliete Nascimento 8,  Teresa Segovia 7,
 Marlene Pautard 6,  Corinne Bishop 6,  Jackie Alderton 5,  Sophie Timms 5,
 Louise Piears 5,  Emma Corbett 5,  Liz Kipling 5, Sara Grosvenor 5,  Clare
 Nicholson 5,  Bev Ali 5.

 PAUL DOYLE writes:
 "A sincere thanks to everyone who competed in the Ranelagh GP and Surrey
 Road League races, this year.
 We've had good turn outs over the summer and maintained our reputation as a
 leading road running club in Surrey" 

 YATELEY 10km  Wednesday August 6th
 Mick Lane was 2nd vet to finish in 36.10.

 Margaret Auerback reports from Battersea Park on July 28th:
 "In the last match of the season three clubs, Serpentine, Hillingdon and
 Richmond were on equal points in the women's competition. Whoever won the
 match went on to the final. Despite injuries and holidays we still put in a
 very strong team and there were some good performances. We were somewhat
 out-numbered by eventual winners Serpentine but we managed to hold off
 There were season's bests for Eliete Nascimento in the 200 and 800 with
 34.00 and 2.48.7 and for Julie Drummond in the 200m and 2k walk with 35.7
 and 12.06.2. Julie was overall winner in the walk and her time would have
 put her 4th in the W50 rankings last year. Celia Beverly threw 5.96m for a
 season's best in the shot.
 Mention must also go to Mary Nash who despite a very nasty fall while
 leading in the 200m recovered enough to win the long jump. Bev Ali made a
 very useful contribution in the field events over the last two matches.
 Considering we had a rather slow start to the season I think we did
 extremely well, thank you to everybody who competed, it was a real team
 effort. Don't forget track - or field - during the winter and let's see what
 we can do next year.
 I'm off to France next week for a real holiday and also to see the younger
 persons' World Championships. Meanwhile I am looking for teams for the
 Surrey Road Relays, 13th Sept. women over 35, the Surrey Vets XC Champs at
 Richmond on 11th October, and the National XC Relays in October. If you want
 to run please e-mail me, margaret.auerback@virgin.net 
 Results of the Final Week Challenge of this year's beginners' course, over
 two laps of the 'Henty Relay' course around Sidmouth Wood (2.8 miles):
 1 Imogen Moss 26.54
 2 Val Wowman 27.35
 3 Fatiha Adoul 28.13
 4 Clare Toberty 28.36
 5 Andrea Barron 28.38
 6 Petra Raccani 28.42
 7 Claire Ottman 28.44
 8 Pippa Duncan 28.55
 9 Alicia Loughton 29.59
 10 Annie Ronsie 30.35
 11 Cindy Croucher 32.17
 12 Hayley Savage 32.31
 13 Linda Gore 32.57
 14 Theresa Laflin 33.04
 15 Catherine Parkinson 33.15
 16 Caroline McClune 33.17
 17 Liz Hicks 33.22
 18 Ann Murray 33.41  

 NIKE 10Km  Sunday September 7th in Richmond Park
 A warning from Marcus Gohar:
 "Eliete and I applied to work as marshalls for Nike last year, but turned
 the offer down. The pay was about £50 to work all day Saturday and all day
 Sunday, starting 7.00am, which worked out at below the minimum wage".

 Peter Saw writes:
 "I noticed the Cabbage Patch entries are required soon. Those who prefer a
 ramble in the clear air of the Surrey Hills to the pollution of roads around
 Twickenham are recommended to enter the Founders' Challenge. See 'Next..."

 The regular speed and hill sessions continue on Tuesdays at 7pm from the
 clubhouse. Details are on our web site but the next few sessions are:
 August 19th Ratchford Relay loop: 3 x (double + single)
 August 26th Sidmouth Wood: 25 mins continuous relay
 September 2nd 6 x Queens Ride Ballet School hill and 3 x back of White
 Lodge hill
 Also steady runs on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm and Sunday mornings at 10am
 from the clubhouse. 

 To Peter Haarer and Fiona who were married on July 18th. 

 ..which is the entrance to the Park from the A3, is to be permanently closed
 to vehicles from August 26th. 

 The fixture list for the 2003/04 winter season is now up on our web site.  

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk ) or Clare Nicholson (07710 348030 /                  
 mailto:clarenicholson@hotmail.com ).  

 Saturday August 16th South Downs Way Relay.  

 Saturday September 6th       Thomas Cup Opening Run handicap  3.8 miles in
 Richmond Park preceded by the annual club photograph.

 Saturday September 13th      Surrey Road Relay Championships (men & women,
 including vets categories) at Wimbledon Park  

 Sunday October 19th Cabbage Patch 10 miles road race at Twickenham.
 Likely to be popular so get your entries in early to avoid disappointment.
 See www.cabbagepatch10.com   
 Also today, the Founders' Challenge 26 miles "go as
 you please" from Peaslake. Details from www.ldwa.org.uk or from Peter Saw.

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
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