Newsdesk 2003

 RANELAGH HARRIERS E-NEWS # 107             24 JULY 2003
 Web site: www.ranelagh-harriers.com  

 Margaret Auerback made it a golden double when taking the W55 1500m on
 Saturday 12th July in 5:33.88. According to Ray, Margaret "did a Radcliffe"
 by taking the lead from the start and burning off her opponents one by one.
 At the finish she had some seven seconds in hand over her nearest rival.   

 WEDDING DAY 7Km  Friday 25th July at 7.30pm in Bushy Park
 This is the 9th race in our Grand Prix series. It's a popular sprint round a
 dead flat course but always over-subscribed, so there will be no entries on
 the night. 

 MASTERS TRACK LEAGUE   Monday 28th July from 7pm in Battersea Park
 This is Richmond and Twickenham's final "Masters" (or vets if you prefer)
 track league fixture. There are men's and women's events, but it's the
 women's team that's in the running for the top place in the league. Margaret
 Auerback writes:
 "It's the last match of the league and we are on equal points with
 Hillingdon and Serpentine so whoever wins on Monday goes to the final. We
 have just lost our W35 star, Kathy Mallett, because of injury so I really
 need a distance runner. If you are female, 35 or older and you can run 3000
 metres (2 miles) and are available on Monday evening please phone me on 8940
 7315 or e-mail margaret.auerback@virgin.net
 I also need a fast walker for the 2k walk (1 1/4 miles)". 

 SOUTH DOWNS WAY RELAY  Saturday August 16th
 The SDW Relay was another of Chris Brasher's brainchilds, and getting a few
 teams out on the route again is the second of our planned
 Brasher-commemoration events. But so far the take-up has been
 disappointingly small, with only a couple of definite teams lined up so far.
 It's true it's not an event for the faint-hearted, but you don't have to be
 marathon-fit to tackle it. If you go for the three-person team as required
 by the Brasher rules you'll have to cover over 20 miles in all, but it's in
 sections of between 2 and 5 miles. Anyone who can manage a half-marathon
 should be fit enough to tackle it. Social teams can have more runners, so
 reducing the mileage. Alan Hedger, Clive Beauvais and others have
 volunteered to be team drivers, but they need the runners to drive! John
 Pratt is looking for a couple more over 50s to make up a team and one or two
 other individuals have let me know they would like to take part but need
 team-mates. It's a beautiful route, starting near Winchester and finishing
 in spectacular style at Beachy Head. It's a great day out, do give it a try
 and help honour old CB's memory. Contact me at mailto:srowland@calor.co.uk  

 I believe the AGM passed off without any major ructions or riots. 50 or more
 members attended and approved the proposed rule changes for trophies and
 awards and membership designation. Most of the club officers remained in
 their posts, the main exception being that Sarah Seal handed over the
 women's captaincy to her vice-captain of last year Clare Nicholson. Clare is
 also joined by Chris Owens as joint kit quartermasters, and Chris becomes
 our new press and publicity officer. Steve Barber joins the committee as a
 running rep. Alan Hedger continues as chief race official but gave notice
 that he would welcome a volunteer to train up to take over this role in the
 next year or two. Finally, to general acclaim, Frances Ratchford was
 elevated to the vice-presidency.  

 COAD CUP 5 MILES HANDICAP  Wednesday July 16th in Richmond Park
 A marshalling error resulted in this being a slightly longer race than
 usual, but it seems that everyone went the same way so I suppose it doesn't
 matter too much. Noel Simpson appeared for his first race for some years and
 - fortunately for everyone else - was therefore designated to be taking part
 as a guest. He duly ran much faster than expected and crossed the line
 first, just hanging on ahead of Wyn Williams and Tom Reay. 
 Wyn was surprised to be told later that he would be getting the cup, not
 having realised that Noel was out of the reckoning.  He and Tom had a close
 battle but only overhauled Corinne Bishop coming around Sidmouth Wood to the
 finish. Corinne held on for the bronze medal just ahead of Sophie Timms.
 There was a gap then before the first of the flashes, Andy Bickerstaff,
 whose 32.57 for the official-Powley-measurement 5.32 miles was second
 fastest of the day behind Duncan Gaskell's 32.26. Sarah Seal at 35.22 was
 fastest woman by a street and 5th fastest overall. John Herries, on the long
 road back from his latest op, walked. 

 BRICKMAKERS ARMS MARATHON RELAY at Windlesham  Saturday July 12th.
 Paul Graham reports:
 "The mad dogs were out of town so it was up to the Ranelagh ladies and lads
 to go out in the midday sun.  Can we still call the men 'lads' any more? The
 ladies had prepared a couple of weeks prior to the event and had a full team
 plus reserves on hand just in case, whilst the guys showed all the
 organisational skills of a ferret on heat.  The result was that Phil, our
 new social runner, was put on the first leg.  He didn't seem to mind too
 much and pulled his impressive pony-tail round the longer first lap, and
 Sophie actually wanted to run first for the gels to enable her to have
 maximum rest before her Triathlon the next day!
 This race was the first since the completion of Robin's speed sessions, so
 time to check-out if prancing about on a Wednesday evening actually does
 make you any faster or not.  Darren shook off his lack of sleep from working
 all night to make a significant improvement, and the most impressive
 performance came from Julie who had a real stormer.  The others from Robin's
 sessions were Kathy, who ran the fastest time of the day, and Elly and Andy
 who both are starting to show some return to form.  Look out for details of
 the second instalment of prancing about, it may just work???
 Will cycled all the way to Windlesham and a lighter-weight Neil travelled
 all the way from Brighton only to find they had been excluded from our team,
 so both ran for other teams in impressive times.
 The two fastest men were the Stragglers! Excellent runs from Paul and
 Duncan. Good support was provided by Barry and Mike with the ever-present
 oldies making up the team. The team finished in a respectable fifith
 position, but the ladies were making a real battle of it.  Fine runs from
 Sonia and Eliete put the gels in with a shout and they were ably supported
 by Teresa, a rare but enthusiastic appearance from Carol, and Frances, who
 handed over the lead to Louise for the last lap.  However, the party was
 ruined as the fastest runner of the day managed to overhaul and run away
 from Louise so an impressive bridesmaid position it was to be". 

 ELMBRIDGE 10KM  Sunday July 20th at Walton
 Another fine run, and something of a breakthrough, for Paul Doyle, even if
 he doesn't seem too impressed himself:
 "The Elmbridge 10k followed this year's trend of attracting record numbers,
 with some people being turned away. Conditions were more forgiving than for
 the Dysart and the course is generally recognised to be fast (maybe Hugh
 Jones should have a look at it), a single lap, fast out on the road and a
 slower section back along the scenic towpath with two distinct sections.
 Ranelagh had quite a good turn out, but had some notable absences due to
 injury and work commitments (ask Mick Lane about it!). For me this was a
 targeted race and I was prepared to throw everything but the kitchen sink at
 it. The race started well, with Mike Boyle leading the way, followed by a
 collection of Triathlete types and fast-starting club runners. Working my
 way through the field, I got into second place around 2k,  just ahead of
 training partner Iain Lockett, HHH, returning from an injury sustained
 trying to outsprint Peter Haarer, in the Surrey League. A quick glance at my
 watch indicated I was falling behind my target pace, so a fast 3k followed,
 up to the traditional 5k marker at the turning point onto the towpath. To my
 horror, I went through in 15.51 (breaking my 5k PB, set on the track a week
 earlier). I suspect some of the early K markers were long. 
 The towpath beckoned, and so did a very uncomfortable run home. The towpath
 was generally slower going, and quite gravelly. It was nice to see the
 Regatta again and Andy Bickerstaff provided some much needed support as Mike
 Boyle went out of sight. I wanted to drop out, or at least start walking,
 Poor Iain Lockett had already done so, I was told, and I'm sure a lot of
 people felt the same. In the end I limped home like a damaged F1 car with
 the engine on fire, by coincidence achieving my target time and setting a
 new 10k PB of 32.42. This improvement was due in large part to encouragement
 from Ken Powley and Andy Bickerstaff, with some coaching tips from Chris
 Owens. Quite a few people clocked substantially improved times over the
 Dysart, which is promising. PG and Adam showed a good turn of speed, Eileen
 was 7th in the women's race and Chris - on home territory - was the first
 over 50 home".  

 Eight races down, two to go (the Wedding Day 7km on Friday and the Surrey
 5km at Wimbledon on August 10th). The best eight scores count but without
 doing the detailed mathematical calculations I reckon that the destinations
 of the trophies are already decided. If I'm right we can congratulate in
 advance Paul, Stephen, Mike and Eileen. Leading scores: 

 Open:  Paul Doyle 81,  Stephen Instone 56,  Mike Peace 52,  Mick Lane 41,
 Eileen Church 35,  Simon Lawrence 27,  Paul Graham 27,  Peter Haarer 24,
 Darryl McDonald 24,  Grant Lemke 18,  Evelyn Joslin 16, Chris Owens 16,
 Alan Davidson 15,  John Hanscomb 14,  Gareth Davies 13,  Chris Read 13 

 Over 40:  Stephen Instone 36,  Mick Lane 23,  Simon Lawrence 20,  Bob
 Beatson 7,  Marcus Gohar 6,  David Powell 6,  Ken Fotherby 6 

 Over 50:  Mike Peace 40,  John Hanscomb 20,  David Meaden 15,  Alan Davidson
 13,  Chris Owens 12,  Tom Reay 10,  Alan Meaden 10,  John Hughes 6 

 Women:  Eileen Church 34,  Evelyn Joslin 22,  Sarah Seal 12,  Thérèse
 Panetta 12,  Bridget Cuthbert 11,  Marlene Pautard 6,  Teresa Segovia 6,
 Jackie Alderton 5,  Sophie Timms 5,  Louise Piears 5,  Corinne Bishop 5,
 Eliete Nascimento 5.

 Full scoresheets and details of the remaining fixtures can be found on our

 We didn't score so well team-wise at Elmbridge and our women must now
 relinquish their Surrey Road League title. But the men are still in with a
 chance of retaining theirs and are currently level at the top with the
 Guildford and Godalming club. We will have to beat them by two places in the
 final race to secure the win - so we need a strong team out for the Surrey
 5km on August 10th.     

 Tom Reay writes:
 "I'm trying to arrange a social run in the Mickleham area of Surrey on
 Sunday, August 3rd.
 The route length is 9 miles, with only two proper hills, neither of which is
 difficult by club standards. The first is near the start and the second is
 after about 7 miles. Otherwise the run is through wooded undulating country.
 It would, however, require the group to keep together as the route is not
 obvious but may be familiar to ramblers as it covers part of the North Downs
 The run would be followed by a bar meal probably in the Running Horses pub
 in Mickleham afterwards. 
 Directions will be provided. Meeting would be in Mickleham village 10.30
 ish. The nearest station is Boxhill and West Humble about 15 mins walk away.
 Details to be posted on club notice board next week". 

 Deborah Blakemore writes:
 "Regarding last week's reporting of the Chris Brasher Memorial Ponds Run, I
 have been asked, as nominated spokesperson for Wally Garrod's Intermediate
 group of runners, to confirm that we also took part as the 5th group running
 that evening & completed 5 ponds (between the shorter run & the beginners)!" 

 Chris Spink writes: 
 "I can get Polar Heart Rate Monitors at these terrific prices...see the
 company web site at  www.polar-uk.com  for more information about the models. 
 A - Series
 Polar A1 RRP £39.99  my price £29.99
 Polar A3 RRP £59.99  my price £49.99
 Polar A5 RRP £69.99  my price £55.00
 M - Series
 Polar M31 RRP £99.99  my price £75.00
 Polar M32 RRP £99.99  my price £75.00
 Polar M61 RRP £114.99  my price £95.00
 Polar M62 RRP £114.99  my price £95.00
 Polar M71ti RRP £149.99  my price £120.00
 Polar M91ti RRP £189.99  my price £130.00
 S - Series
 Polar S120 RRP £89.99  my price £60.00
 Polar S410 RRP £149.99  my price £110.00
 Polar S610i RRP £179.99  my price £130.00
 Polar S810 RRP £269.99  my price £190.00
 Cycling Specific
 Polar S150 RRP £99.99  my price £80.00
 Polar M32 RRP £179.99  my price £130.00
 Polar M61 RRP £219.99  my price £150.00
 Polar M62 RRP £239.99  my price £160.00

 Contact Chris at mailto:chrisspink4@aol.com  ". 

 ENDURO PEDESTRE DES SABLES  Coutainville, France  August 22nd - 24th
 There has been a Ranelagh representation for many years now at this 12km
 beach race in northern France. Brian Chard writes:
 "The race is on the Saturday this year, we think. As usual John Hanscomb and
 I are going over for this year's run and hopefully meeting up with a few
 others. Jean-Paul has promised to do the run and meet us when we are there.
 The P & O web site shows about £300 for a car and 2 passengers but there is
 a special deal at £68 available through some travel agents. I booked through
 Travelcare (John's usual travel agent) in Surbiton 0208 399 2578 at the
 discounted fare. At the price it's a fantastic offer.  
 We'll be camping at the 3 star site in Coutainville. John's daughter will
 ring and arrange if needed (about £30 for the weekend).  There are hotels
 available and Linda Rowntree will book if requested (about £20 a night)". 

 More details of the following from Andy Bickerstaff (07966 552302 /       
 mailto:andy@norris-hobs.co.uk  or Clare Nicholson (07710 348030 /        

 See our web site for details and scores in the Ranelagh Road Grand Prix. 

 Sunday August 10th Surrey 5km at Wimbledon, 10am start.  Race 10 in the
 Ranelagh Grand Prix series 2003. Entry forms in the clubhouse or send your
 details to Derek Crookes, 209 Lynmouth Avenue, Morden, Surrey SM4 4RX. Fee
 £3 payable to Surrey CAA. 

 Saturday August 16th South Downs Way Relay. See above.

 Saturday September 6th Thomas Cup Opening Run handicap  3.8 miles
 in Richmond Park

 Saturday September 13th Surrey Road Relay Championships (men & women,
 including vets categories) at Wimbledon Park 

 The last team in the Brickmakers Arms Relay was raising money for charity
 and had the charity's name emblazoned across their T-shirts. The woman
 running second stage for them was puffing away at a cigarette almost up to
 the moment the baton was thrust into her hand. The charity?  Cancer Research
 of course.... 

 Steve Rowland
 e-mail: srowland@calor.co.uk
 Tel: 01926 318734
 Fax: 0870 4006901