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First of all, a reminder about this Saturday's mob match against Orion
Harriers at Chingford. It's a multi-terrain 8 miles and the more runners we
have the better our chance of winning the Lee Cup. There is some confusion
about the start time, so please work on the basis that it is in fact a
2.30pm start, and then that way you can guarantee that you won't be late! A
minibus will leave the clubhouse at 12.30 on Saturday. There are about 8
places still available: if you want one of them, contact Paul Graham on 0796
7788945. If you require more information about how to get there, contact
Julian Smith (smithj@bp.com / 020 8947 3530) or me. Trains leave Liverpool
Street for Chingford at 07, 27 and 47, and take 26 mins; from Chingford it's
about a 5 minute walk.
The Orion clubhouse is at the rear of the Royal Forest Hotel, Rangers Road
(A1069, off A104 - M25 junction 26).  See you there!

The old boys and girls hobbled into the spotlight on Saturday for the Surrey
county veterans cross country championships in Richmond Park. It was very
wet, I need hardly say, but the home contingent splashed away with the best
of them and we came away with a good pile of medals.
Marcus was one of the favourites for the overall title but SLH's Barry
Attwell is a hard man to beat and despite running what he felt to be his
best 10km ever Marcus crossed the line two seconds behind the SLH man. By
way of consolation Marcus still received a gold as the first over 40,
Attwell being an over 45. 
Golds also went to our over 45 women's team of Margaret, Katharine and
Sonia; silvers to our over 40 men's team of Marcus, Mick and - bleary-eyed
from his flight from Sydney - Simon Hedger; and bronzes to our over 50 men
el Presidente Mike, Clive and Steve. The over 60s would have been in there
too but Allan Lang as a late entry was ineligible for the team competition -
though happily not disqualified from taking the individual silver. For good
measure Margaret was first over 50, Katharine 3rd over 45 and Chris 2nd over
Men (10km)
1 B Attwell (SLH) 34.31
2 Marcus Gohar 34.33
6 Mick Lane 35.32
11 Simon Hedger 36.00
15 Chris Owens 36.40
37 Mike Peace 38.33
41 Stephen Instone 38.48
48 Clive Beauvais 39.22
71 John Hughes 41.20
75 Allan Lang 41.41
90 Steve Rowland 43.10
108 Martin Clark 46.06
111 Alan Craig 47.00
125 John Hanscomb 50.14

Women (6km)
1 C Pauzers (HHH) 23.06
12 Margaret Auerback 25.39
14 Katharine Mallett 25.54
18 Sue Healey 26.56
23 Sonia Rowland 27.47
31 Louise Piears 29.59
38 Corinne Bishop 31.55
39 Janet Turnes 32.44

Meanwhile up in the frozen north David Benton was finishing 38th in the
Great North Run in 69.09. David Rowntree was also there but took a shade
One week earlier Clive Beauvais had finished 3rd over 50 in the Croydon 10km
in 37.31and Allan Lang had been first over 60 in 44.07 in the Vets AC 10km
on Wimbledon Common. 

And Chris Owens tells us about the Robin Hood Half Marathon in Nottingham
(where else?) a few weeks back:

"Rather than do another Cabbage Patch 10, some members of Ranelagh took part
in the Robin Hood Half (and if you are mad enough, full) marathon. The
combined events attracted over 9,000 entrants, and an enthusiastic audience
of supporters, in spite of the overcast skies and drizzle. The course winds
through the city centre, visiting the Lacemarket, passing the Castle, before
descending into the western suburbs. Best described as rolling, the course
offers wide city streets, the city being keen enough to close many of the
main roads for the events. Well marshalled and with roads always wide enough
to offer easy running, the race still suffered from some odd mile marking.
Passing 5 miles in 29:45 seemed OK, but after a pleasant run through quiet
suburbs and parkland, to get to 10 miles in 62 mins was a bit of a shock.
Not as big a shock as it was for the rest of the pack I was running with as
a late night in the Lacemarket was making itself felt by then, but enough
for some people to accelerate rapidly. The rest of us looked at our watches
and decide the marker was a bit long. Given my finishing time, MORE than a
bit long, 62 to 77 means running the last three miles at approx. 4:30 pace!
Not something to claim even when wide-awake. A flat last mile saw me
overhaul two people but lose a last 200 burnup to another fast finisher.
Joining the other oven-wrapped runners and clutching my commemorative lace
picture - different from yet another medal - well done organisers! - I
thanked my lucky stars that I'd not done the marathon as the heavens opened
for the next two hours. This meant the marathon finishers looked among the
wettest and sorriest runners seen for a long time as they plodded back to
the city centre hours later. The race was also notable for bumping into
ex-Ranelagh Scot Paul McBrearty, running 12:09 in a 4k "fun" run - not bad
for an ex-800 metre runner."
1 V Garner (AFD) 68:25
27 Chris Owens 77:07
Also Paul Perry
Fun Run "4km"
1 C.Warburton 11:49
4 Paul McBrearty 12:09

Saturday October 28th  Lee Cup Mob Match v Orion Harriers at Chingford. See
Saturday November 4th  Priory Relays at Reigate. Women's race is 3 x 2.5m at
1pm, men's is 6 x 3.25m at 2.15pm. We'll have teams in both and all are
welcome. If you'd like to run contact Paul Graham (0796 7788945 /
paulgraham28@hotmail.com) or Sarah Seal (020 8995 2380 /
Saturday November 11th  South of Thames Junior Championship 5 miles at
Croydon. This is "junior" by standard and not age. I'm not sure if we are
entering a team or not, so stand by.
Sunday November 12th  Colne Valley Way Relay  9.30am  Rickmansworth to
Staines. Another of those enjoyable point-to-point relays. This one is 19
miles in all, divided into four stages of between 4 and 7 miles. Again, all
are welcome. If you'd like to run contact Paul Graham.

So it seems that our mob match against South London Harriers is to be on
December 23rd and not December 16th and is at home and not at Coulsdon.
Apart from that, the Fixture Card is correct in every detail! 

Hugh Jones ran the Paris 20km last week and for the first time in his career
finished behind the leading woman. It happens to the best of us.... 

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk