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Last Saturday saw the first Surrey League Division One races of the season -
our men at Brockwell Park and our women at Tilford. Both teams were missing
some star names but achieved very satisfactory results in mid-table or

Sarah Seal reports from Tilford:  
"A fine day was had by the girls on Saturday, casually running up and down
the rolling sand dunes at Tilford - the Ranelagh team finishing in a
fantastic 4th place. Allison O'Neill led the team home, the excitement of
returning to cross country racing putting more than a spring in her stride!
I just ran as fast as I could to ensure that I got the big sticky bun I saw
waiting on the tea table beforehand, Kathy Mallett (not at all inhibitied by
the G-force sickness inflicted on her by my driving) closely followed. The
fourth scorer was Clare Nicholson - a maiden voyage into cross country
running with Ranelagh girls - her spikes carefully retrieved from the attic
and cleaned of the 12 year old mud! The fifth scorer was Sue Healey, who
enjoyed the superior scenery of the Surrey League, compared to her days at

Estelle Damant, who trains with the juniors under Malcolm Muir's watchful
eye, crossed the finishing line just behind Sue.  It was her first senior
race and she did extremely well.

Eliete also enjoyed the gallop through the sand - and like me had eyed up
the cakes afterwards. Unfortunately the sand dunes took their toll on Liz
Kipling's back, but Liz managed to get round the course despite the obvious
discomfort she was suffering. Louise Piears and Corinne Bishop completed the
turnout of Ranelagh girls - both enjoying the race immensely!  A big thanks
to you all for turning up and racing.

A big congratulations should also go out to the rest of Malcolm's junior
girls who all ran very well - especially the under 15's who stormed into
victory in their race!"

1  D Lea (Thames H&H) 20.06
13 Allison O'Neill 21.45
18 Sarah Seal 22.29
26 Katharine Mallett 23.11
33 Clare Nicholson 23.47
40 Sue Healey 24.33
41 Estelle Damant 24.36
49 Eliete Nascimento 25.19
Also Liz Kipling 26.43, Louise Piears and Corinne Bishop
1 South London 44
2 Herne Hill 59
3 Thames H&H 115
4 Ranelagh 117 
Under 17
1 G Gardner (Guildford) 18.32
4 Alice Beverly 20.43
8 Louise Webster 21.37
10 Nicola Kocher 22.41
1 Guildford & G 17
2 Ranelagh 45
Under 15
1 L Marland (Herc Wimb) 15.08
5 Jessica Harvey 16.25 
6 Anair Beverly 16.33
9 Eleanor Moore 16.54
12 Laura Ball 18.14
13 Hannah Turnes 19.04
1 Ranelagh 32
2 Herc Wimb 59
Under 13
1 L Collier (Belgrave) 12.37 
16 Emily Ball 14.43
19 Alex Hook 15.08
31 Kelly Ash 19.01
1 Sutton & D 42
10 Ranelagh 131

The men at Brockwell Park at least didn't encounter the same problems as the
lower division men's race that followed on from the women's events at
Tilford. A missing marshall meant that runners were soon scattered all over
the forest and the race had to be declared void!

Unfortunately I don't have a first-hand account of what did happen at
Brockwell Park but David Benton, now into triathlon training, led the way in
12th place. Yo-yo Smith started slowly, stormed through to David's shoulder
then faded a little to 24th. Marius Acker, also pursuing triathlons, was
next just ahead of a much improved Andy Bickerstaff and Marcus Gohar. Chris
Owens, Will Graves - an excellent run, this, just shows what a bit of
training can do - and Mick Lane came in together just inside the top 60 and
Paul Graham and Steve Barber completed the scoring 10.   

The team finished 5th, just ahead of Aldershot but well behind the top four
and well clear of the trailing three. Two of the bottom clubs failed even to
finish a complete team, including Southern Relay champions Hounslow. Some
might consider their score of 666 to be appropriate but I couldn't possibly

1 D Taylor (Herne Hill) 23.55
12 David Benton 25.24
24 Julian Smith 26.03
33 Marius Acker 26.33
40 Andy Bickerstaff 26.51
42 Marcus Gohar 26.59
57 Chris Owens 27.38
58 Will Graves 27.44
59 Mick Lane 27.44
Also Paul Graham, Steve Barber 28.39, Mike Peace 29.52 and others
1 Thames H&H 190
2 South London 301
3 Belgrave 303
4 Herne Hill 363
5 Ranelagh 438
Under 17
1 T Haughian (Hounslow) 13.50
7 Bastien Tardy 14.43 

Saturday October 21st  Surrey Veterans Cross-Country Championships at
Richmond Park. Individual and team championships for men over 40 / 50 / 60
and women over 35 / 45. Note that you must enter in advance to be eligible
for teams. Men contact Paul Graham, women Margaret Auerback.   
Saturday October 28th  Lee Cup Mob Match v Orion Harriers at Chingford. The
season's first mob match, 7.5 miles in Epping Forest. Each club has to field
as many runners as possible so please be there if you can.
Saturday November 4th  Priory Relays at Reigate. We'll probably be entering
men's and women's teams.

As we've already noted, the Fixture Card shows an incorrect venue for our
race against SLH on December 16th. It should be at home and not at Coulsdon.
However, I am now told that SLH are distributing advertising leaflets for
their annual 10 miles open cross-country race on December 16th, which kind
of suggests that they are not expecting to be contesting a mob match at all
on that date! Watch this space.....

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk