Newsdesk 2000

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Thanks to all those who sent favourable comments about the first Ranelagh
e-news. The concensus seems to be to "keep it simple" to avoid any
complications about who has the right software to download what etc etc. As
I'm pretty simple myself, this suits me.

I now have full Ranelagh results of the Wedding Day race - see below. lf you
want to see the complete list it's at http://www.runnerswebuk.com

Not counting second-claimers, we had 45 finishers. Epsom Allsorts had 44 but
won the "mob match" trophy for the club with the most finishers. How? Two of
ours didn't put the club name on their entry forms. Nuff sed.

Ranelagh's summer road Grand Prix series is reaching its thrilling climax.
No, really. With just one race to go, the leading scores are:
Open: Marcus Gohar 81, Chris Owens 72, Clive Beauvais 43, John Hughes 41,
Darryl McDonald 35, Roger Brankin 31, Tim Bacon 29, Paul Perry 22, Eliete
Nascimento 21, Clive Naish 21, Martin Clark 19, Alexis Gohar 18.
Over 40: Marcus Gohar 42, Chris Owens 35, John Hughes 24, Roger Brankin 15,
Clive Naish 13
Over 50: Clive Beauvais 35, Martin Clark 26, John Hanscomb 16, Mike Peace
12, Brian Chard 11
Women: Eliete Nascimento 35, Linda Cartwright 18, Sonia Rowland 15, Sue
Healey 10, Clare Nicholson 7, Catherine Gadd 7, Bev Ali 6, Marlene Pautard

It looks like Marcus, Clive and Eliete already have their names on the cups,
but some of the minor places are still up for grabs. A total of 94 RH have
finished at least one of the eight races so far - not bad!

The last race is next Sunday's (August 13th) Surrey 5km at Wimbledon,
starting at 10am. 

Just repeating one or two basic things about this e-news. If you'd rather
not receive it, e-mail me and I'll delete you from the list. If you have
anything you'd like distributed to the club, send it to me first and I'll
send it on. If you have any general news, views or comments, e-mail me and
libel laws permitting I'll put them in the next edition.

I've been asked to pass on a request to help set up a club members'
directory. This will take the form of a rogues' gallery of photos of as many
members as we can get, to help new members (and old ones for that matter)
get to know who's who. Initially it will be displayed in the clubhouse and
later perhaps included on our website. It might even be sent out to new
members if that would be economically viable. Please bring along a
passport-sized photo of yourself to the Thomas Cup opening handicap race on
Saturday 16th September (which is also the day for the main annual club
photo), together with any text you may like to have included, e.g. "Olympic
Gold Medallist", "World Record Holder", "Five Bellies" etc. I'm not sure who
will be collecting these - maybe Darryl, whose idea this was? I'm sure
somebody will let me know and I'll pass it on to you.    
Wedding Day 7km at Bushy Park    28th July 2000  
1 Sam Haughian (Hounslow) 21.37
9 Marcus Gohar 23.56
12 Darryl McDonald 24.02
25 Chris Owens 25.18
28 Amy Stiles (Westbury - 1st W)  25.29
31 Paul Graham 25.43
33 Mick Lane 25.46
40 Will Graves 26.17
41 Steve Barber 26.25
42 Tim Bacon 26.26
44 Milos Dusek 26.31
53 Paul Perry 26.42
66 Clive Beauvais 27.18
82 Clive Naish 27.47
87 Linda Cartwright (2nd W) 27.55
109 Roger Brankin 28.28
127 Paul Negri 29.08
133 Alan Davidson 29.17
140 Tim Fox 29.45
154 Robert Graham 30.19
170 Steve Rowland 30.39
181 Clare Nicholson (12thW) 31.08
182 Sonia Rowland (13thW) 31.13
186 Fabio Scarpello 31.20
188 Alan Craig 31.23
195 Martin Clark 31.28
196 Eliete Nascimento (14th W) 31.29
210 Sara Grosvenor (18th W) 31.50
240 Brian Chard 32.49
241 Mandy Holliday (23rd W) 32.56 
242 John Newton 32.56
276 Brian Coles 34.18
308 Carol Barnshaw (38th W) 35.18
343 Julie Naismith (47th W) 36.30
345 Louise Piears (48th W) 36.33
352 Janet Turnes (52nd W) 36.46
390 Akua Obeng-Frimpong (65th W) 38.06
467 Pat Hewlett (109th W) 41.22
478 Janice Stedman (116th W)  41.48
496 Anne-Marie Hickey (129th W)  43.05
498 Mary Nash (131st W) 43.26
504 Gill Fonteyn (135th W) 43.54
523 Bev Ali (146th W) 45.44
538 Simone Bretherton (157th W)  49.13
539 Emily Boswell (158th W) 49.35
540 Eileen Woodley (159th W)  49.41
544 Terry McDowall (163rd W)  51.49 

Also, John Herries was 29th (25.38) for Shaftesbury Barnet and Sue Ashley
215th (31.58) for Epsom & Ewell. I've just remembered that Mike Bruce was
there too for Elmbridge, and won the first over 50s prize, but I don't have
his detailed result to hand. Sorry Mike.

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk