Newsdesk 2000

If you don't want to be on the distribution list please e-mail me. 

Hello Ranelagh,

Over the past year or so we've been gradually increasing our use of e-mail
as a means of communicating with each other within Ranelagh, and it has
proved invaluable in organising events like the Green Belt Relay and in
passing on news and results in general. Thanks in particular go to Chris
Owens for setting the ball rolling.

The time has now come to formalise and expand things a bit. I have
volunteered (fool!) to start a regular e-news service and to be the central
repository for a club e-address list. Initially we'll probably stick to
plain text e-mails, this being the limit of my techie know-how, but maybe
we'll try to get cleverer later.

If you receive this, you're on the list! Maybe you'd already worked that

If you don't want to be on the list, please e-mail me and I'll knock you
out. Figuratively speaking.

I have about 70 names on the e-address list at the moment and I'll try to
build this up by advertising the new service in the next club Newsletter.
Please keep me up to date with any changes to your own details.

To try to avoid duplication of lists, I would suggest that anything anyone
wants to send out to the club in general should come first to me and I will
send it on.

Any other comments, suggestions, criticisms etc will be gratefully received,
considered, ignored etc. 

I had hoped to be able to include full results of our host of runners at
last week's Wedding Day 7km, but unfortunately I don't yet have them all.
Here's as far as it goes:

1 Sam Haughian (Hounslow) 21.37
9 Marcus Gohar 23.56
12 Darryl McDonald 24.02
25 Chris Owens 25.18
28 Amy Stiles (Westbury - 1st W) 25.29
31 Paul Graham 25.43
33 Mick Lane 25.46
40 Will Graves 26.17
41 Steve Barber 26.25
42 Tim Bacon 26.26
44 Milos Dusek 26.31
54 Paul Perry 26.44
67 Clive Beauvais 27.19
83 Clive Naish 27.48
88 Linda Cartwright (2nd W) 27.55
109 Roger Brankin 28.28
128 Paul Negri 29.11
134 Alan Davidson 29.32
141 Tim Fox 29.46
171 Steve Rowland 30.40
182 Clare Nicholson (12th W) 31.13
183 Sonia Rowland (13th W) 31.16
187 Fabio Scarpello 31.22
189 Alan Craig 31.23
195 Eliete Nascimento (14th W) 31.28
209 Sara Grosvenor (18th W) 31.50
237 Brian Chard 32.45
240 Mandy Holliday 32.49 
241 John Newton 32.56
273 Brian Coles 34.13

There's at least another ten to come, including Martin Clark who should have
been somewhere between Sara and Brian and should, we think, have won the
over 60s prize.

Good to see Darryl and Mick back from injury and running well. Now all we
need is Messrs Benton, Haarer, Smith etc to get themselves sorted and we
might be ready for the winter.

Other prizes went to Marcus (first vet), Linda (2nd woman), Linda, Clare and
Sonia (1st team - and we were also 2nd team!) and Linda yet again (1st
couple with John Herries). But despite having nearly 40 on parade we somehow
failed to retain the "mob match" trophy, after being apparently outnumbered
by Epsom Allsorts. We demand a recount.   

NEXT is the Surrey 5km at Wimbledon on Sunday August 13th at 10am. This
usually provides some cushy county medals if we get decent teams out. This
year it's also the FINAL of the Surrey Road Cup. The what???  It was a new
idea this year and so low key as to be inaudible. Suffice to say that
following the first two rounds (Dysart and Elmbridge) Ranelagh men's and
women's teams have both made the final. Contain your excitement. The men
have to beat Elmbridge, Collingwood and Sutton Runners. If we fail to do
this we should be taken out and shot. The women might find Epsom & Ewell,
Sutton Runners and Elmbridge a slightly tougher proposition. 

Anyway, it's got to be worth a go. Entry forms at the clubhouse or contact
me and I can fax you one. It's 2 or 3 on the day at Belgrave Hall.

On Tuesday August 22nd at 7pm at the clubhouse there is the Ratchford Relay,
which is a sort of Henty-variant and serves as a pre-season get-together for
the women's section. The race is specifically for the women but all are
welcome to come along.

September 9th - Surrey Road Relays. 
September 16th - Thomas Cup Opening Run 6km handicap (Will's debut as

Steve Rowland
e-mail: srowland@calorgas.co.uk